December 22, 2006

Ding Dong Nifong Drops Rape Charges in Duke Lacrosse Case! (Video)

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Word is that the stripper accuser told an investigator Thursday, that she was not able to testify with certainty that she was raped. For us following the case for a long time this is no surprise. Because if you’ve been following along, an officer noted that she said she was not raped a long time ago. So it went from not raped, to raped and now she says she’s not certain. Changing stories and politics has been all this case was ever about.

Duke Charges dropped
Merry Christmas guys, now try to stay out of trouble.
(Guys like Finnerty were not angels before this mess started.)

FoxNews has been all over this breaking news.

There are still other charges pending, that I say are totally bogus. Just wait, they’ll disappear too. La Shawn Barber is covering the news. Allahpundit over at Hot Air finally has posted about this and says he’s never really been following the case. He says his boss had him cover it and she (Michelle Malkin) is blogging on the story too.

If you have not been following along, check out some of these posts to see why this case was no good from the start. These are just some of the many posts I’ve made regarding this case.

Will Durham, NC District Attorney Mike Nifong be prosecuted for running with this case given all the exculpatory evidence? Will the stripper accuser be prosecuted for what I feel was a major lie?

I say Nifong ran with this (in political terms literally) for his own personal gain and he should face prosecution. Also race was played on in a major way. It was all so ridiculous given THE FACTS. But like I’ve said before, emotion and reason are not close relatives. Those who ran with emotion are totally devoid of the facts. (And many of them did not want the facts.) All they saw was a token of White guilt, crying she was abused by some rich White boys. And that was enough for this mess to continue rolling non-stop. I’m glad I was able to chronicle some of how people are easily played when they ignore the facts.

Watch a little of Megyn Kendall’s take, when she talked about this on FoxNews, using the link below.
FoxNews report of rape charges being dropped in Duke Lacrosse NO LONGER A Rape Case – WMV Video (Size: 3.30 MB)
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8 Responses to “Ding Dong Nifong Drops Rape Charges in Duke Lacrosse Case! (Video)”

  1. La Shawn Barber's Corner Says:


    Unbelievably cool. More here.
    Merry Christmas, Dave, Collin and Reade!
    Later…but they’re still charged with kidnapping and sexual offense! So much for the “Merry Christmas.”
    The stripper-accuser, who said she was beate…

  2. Ron_B Says:


    The story here MUST BE how the “Racial Gravitational Pull of UNITY” forced upon BLACK PEOPLE to express outrage at how these RICH WHITE BOYS COULD THINK THAT THEY COULD RAPE A BLACK WOMAN AND GET AWAY WITH IT, LIKE THEY DID BACK IN THE DAY.

    If you recall this entire episode was used by the operatives for several agenda items:

    1) Racism
    2) Classism
    3) The Elitism of Duke
    4) The impact of the fall of Affirmative Action upon the number of Blacks on Duke

    The “made up claims” of this one Black woman was “taken and run with” by many.

    Jesse Jackson provided her with a scholarship BECAUSE SHE WAS A VICTIM. He must feel like a fool right now.

    I recall hearing an elderly Black man who was at the first major church meeting with the DA asking on television “WHY HASN’T SOMEONE BEEN ARRESTED YET? IF THEY WERE BLACK BOYS THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED ALREADY!!”.

    The fall out of this case needs to be focused on the FORCES WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY that cancel out debate and deliberation and which seek to exploit racial issues to their full advantage.

  3. Rhymes With Right Says:

    Some Charges Dismissed In Duke Rape Case

    But corrupt Prosecutor Mike Nifong has still left two heavy-duty felony charges in place, even after dismissing the rape charges because the alleged victim suddenly can’t recall if she was ever penetrated by a penis — regardless of her earlier…

  4. Blue Star Chronicles Says:

    The Rape of the Duke University Lacrosse Team

    Durham North Carolina District Attorney, Mike Nifong has dropped rape charges against the three lacrosse players accused of raping an exotic dancer at a fraternity party last winter. The players still face charges of kidnapping and sexual offence.

  5. Faultline USA Says:

    America?s Left in Total Denial

    . . . now the left is even denying that they are left! . . . but one comment sent me rolling off my chair in laughter.

  6. Faultline USA Says:

    You said it best. It’s all about token White guilt (TWG)!!!

    This poor Beta blogger had great difficulty with trackbacking today for some reason.

    This is/was my trackback message.

    America’s Left in Total Denial

    . . . now the left is even denying that they are left! . . . but one comment sent me rolling off my chair in laughter. . .

  7. JMK Says:

    There was a confluence of agendas at work in this case, all of what Ron B says above PLUS Mike Nifong’s naked political ambition, that allowed him to put his own interests ahead of justice, race relations in Raliegh-Durham and the law (he violated numerous laws and policy guidelines including withholding vital evidence from the defense – the lab’s full DNA report).

    Nifong is the primary villain here.

    He should be disbarred and THEN removed from office.

    Allowing him to resign, at this point and keep his law license in tact, would be a grave injustice. This guy spit in the face of the community that elected him.

  8. major Says:

    What Nifong has done has been a total violation of the trust vested in his office and the most blatant personal and political use of public office in recent memory

    The worst crime these kids committed is arrogance and we get as much or more of that from the politicans in Washington

    I want to see the families of these kids sue the University, the City, and anyone else that remotely supported Nifong and teach them a lesson they will never forgot…these kids future if not ruined has been severely damaged for the foreseeable future…

    I want to see Nifong fired at least, if not outright put in jail..

    I think America has had enough of the liberal political pandering to the race card…

    ‘PEOPLE’ are primarily responsible for their own lot in life..until America gets back to personal accountable over personal excuses…we will never be the great country we once were after the Great War…

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