December 17, 2006

I Think NYC Police Should Protest to Demand Better Treatment

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Allow me to explain why I feel the following is simply ridiculous.

Black NY protesters march 5th Ave over shooting

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Black New Yorkers angry over the police shooting death of a groom on his wedding day marched down Fifth Avenue on Saturday to demand better treatment by law officers.

As Christmas shoppers flooded Fifth Avenue, thousands of protesters marched 25 blocks in a blocked off traffic lane to commemorate victim Sean Bell’s life on the day they said he should have been celebrating his daughter’s fourth birthday.

The march, organized by civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, was led by Sharpton and Bell’s fiancee Nicole Paultre-Bell. Celebrity marchers including Bianca Jagger and singer Harry Belafonte.

It is the police that should be protesting for better treatment. They should protest that people they ask to stop their cars actually stop them. And that people not hit cops with their cars as well. But we see members of the Civil Rights Industry keeping people stirred over police taking action when the cops were the ones feeling threatened.

The article continues:

“This must stop. They have been killing us for too long,” said Michelle Bethea, a 51-year-old New York legal assistant.

“The black people of America are treated like dirt. Our kids don’t live to see 21 because of the people that are supposed to protect us. It doesn’t make sense,” she said, holding a placard urging better police and community ties.

I’m Black and I’ve spent time in New York City. While there and every other place I’ve been in America I can never say I left a town with the feeling I was “treated like dirt”. While living in Georgia I lived near and would sometimes go to Forsyth County, Georgia. Back when Oprah Winfrey visited the county in 1987 it was an “all White county” and racial tension were high. Now people of all races live there and when I would spend time in the county I was treated with the same respect given to anyone else. I also knew Blacks that lived in the county and they had no complaints. So although some people cry Blacks are mistreated, while they live in cities with more various races than can be counted, I’ve verified their claims as bogus from my own experiences in their town and other towns that once were considered true hubs of racism.

The fact of the matter is that Black kids don’t live to see 21 because of other Black kids that kill them. On top of the Blacks killed in the womb via abortion. While in Georgia for 10 years I only heard of one case where a Black man in Forsyth County, GA said he was almost attacked by a couple of White racists. I never heard of Blacks being murdered in that county, but in the mostly Black city of Atlanta and even NYC while I was there I would always hear of Blacks being killed. And the vast majority of those murders were at the hands of other Blacks. That’s the real problem race baiters make excuses for and run away from.

Also from the article:

The Nation Action Network said Saturday’s march was to “remind New Yorkers that it won’t be business as usual until there is an end to police brutality.” The December 12th Movement, a human rights group, has planned a “Day of black outrage” protest to “shut Wall Street down.”

Now given we know who really does the killing of Blacks in NYC, why won’t Sharpton and his followers shut down shopping in Harlem (Uptown), to remind Black New Yorkers that it should not be business as usual till Blacks commit less crime?

Wall Street features companies that employ people of all races around the world. I hope those planning to attempt a “shut down” of Wall Street are arrested. They should not be allowed to shut down a vital business center. Why don’t they consider shutting down and showing outrage towards outlets that exploit Black culture?

Because they really don’t care, they just exploit for their own benefit and that’s the bottom line.

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  1. Faultline USA Says:

    An excellent post. You are exactly right. It is a Civil Rights Industry that’s highly invested in destroying the Black culture and all civil race relations. I’m linking to this entry in my next post!

  2. Faultline USA Says:

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