December 7, 2006

New York City Councilman Charles Barron, a Democrat, Calls for Violence Against Cops.

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The man was a member and claims are he is still a member of the Black Panthers. The original Black Panthers have several of their members in prison for killing or trying to kill cops. Also their member Assata Shakur is being given safe haven by Castro in Cuba, after escaping prison while serving time for murdering a cop. Now Charles Barron is on the streets of New York with a microphone calling for violence against police. Saying things like the following:

We need to let the system know that they need to fear us. They have no fear for us. And once you put the fear into some people?s hearts, whether is politically, economically, or physically, they will leave you alone.

[I]f we don?t get justice in this case, don?t ask us to demonstrate again. If we don?t get justice in this case, don?t tell us to be cool, to be calm. We need to get hot!

I told you in a previous post and the audio is there, that Barron said he feels a “war” is in process. Sometimes after making his calls for violence he tries to clean it up by saying he’s not actually calling for violence, but “forecasting” what he sees coming. If others were going to do something without his incitement, why does he need to say things like “we need to get hot” and “don’t tell us to be cool”? This is the double speak of a man who is actively engaging in efforts to bring a form of terrorism to the streets of New York city.

See the video for yourself.

New York City Councilman Charles Barron, a Democrat, calling for violence

Thanks to Hot Air and especially Suitably Flip for exposing the latest rants by Barron.

People must realize that nuts like Barron are positioning themselves to be a sort of Yasser Arafat. Claiming to want peace, while continually making calls for violence. Barron is a city councilman who should be inside the city jail instead of the city hall!

2 Responses to “New York City Councilman Charles Barron, a Democrat, Calls for Violence Against Cops.”

  1. Suitably Flip Says:

    Inciting Race Warfare in NYC

    Last night, I stopped by the “50 Shots” protest on Centre Street in lower Manhattan. The event was a response to the death of Sean Bell, who was shot and killed by undercover police outside a strip club in the early morning of November 25th. The fo…

  2. JMK Says:

    Three weeks prior to this shooting, there were two other police shootings – one in the Bronx, where a female cop had her leg broken when a suspect pinned her leg against a guard rail with his car – her partner shot that suspect. Both the female police officer and the suspect were minorities, so the demographics were inconsistent with demagoguery.

    Likewise, the next day in Brooklyn, a black male off-duty police officer passed a Housing Project where he saw a black teen holding a gun to the head of another black male (it turns out that both were drug dealers)…the off-duty cop ordered the teen to drop the gun. Instead he fired on the cop, hitting him once in the ankle and as he spun, once in the buttock – the dop returned fire, killing the gun weilding thug – once again, the demographics were inconsistent with demogoguery.

    But in this latest shooting there were two “whites” involved (though one, the one who emptied a full clip, reloaded and emptied that clip – the one responsible for 31 of the fifty shots was Syrian and not a “European white”).

    The rhetoric of Charles Barron and others affirms what I’ve said about these Leftists – They charge that black police officers “act blue” once they join the police department, which is calling black police officers de facto whites.

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