December 6, 2006

Well That’s the Most I’ve Heard Them Say About the Issue :-) ! (*HUMOR ALERT*)

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I was checking, but I did not hear any of the Catholic political talkers say a word about Pope Benedict XVI hanging out with Muslims. Checking their shows the day after it happened it seemed they were all mute on the issue.

Mark over at Chester Street has put together a very humorous piece related to their silence on the matter. LOL!!! If any of you heard them say a word feel free to clue me in. I’ve heard Laura Ingraham speak her mind when Catholic churches support illegal aliens, but have not heard her speak about the Pope going to prayer time with Muslims. Where the Pope is told to face the east and assume the Muslim prayer position. Not to mention his seeking to get Turkey into the EU. A Christian leader asking for a Muslim nation to become part of the European Union. Amazing! If they keep making death threats he might let them ride in the Popemobile next.

To his credit, Michael Savage who is not Christian was able to see the danger of the Pope’s actions and called it out as a bad move on his show. I guess sometimes people on the outside can see the obvious that should be seen by more who are on the inside.

One Response to “Well That’s the Most I’ve Heard Them Say About the Issue :-) ! (*HUMOR ALERT*)”

  1. MQ Says:

    What is this the Westboro Baptist Church or something? Why would Mark at chester have anything worthwhile to say about a visit the pope makes? And that goes to Savage too. The Pope has given a speech he never backed down from and the whole muslim world quaked. Mike Savage writes books after books and all he does is get liberals and conservatives in a tizzy. Fringe I tell ya! Anyway can’t stop laughing about Mark at Chester, he’s a real scream. You spend all lot of time with the pope, apparently you where there when “he was told” to face Mecca? Or does a lie fit into your weak reasoning for the reason he was there. If you can’t speak the truth, you shouldn’t speak at all. Lier, lier pants on fire.

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