November 30, 2006

Why Those Airport Imams Can’t Be Trusted! (Audio)

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You probably heard some Muslim imams were pulled from a plane and they claim they were being peaceful and just praying, but don’t believe their cover story. More details have surfaced on what they were really up to, which was intentionally testing airline security. Either they wanted to be locked up, to try and make it look like they were abused, maybe to make it easier for some terrorists to get away with a future attack, or they were scoping out security themselves for some plan. Either way, we know they were doing much more than they claim. On 11/28 Dr. Michael Savage spoke with Audrey Hudson on his radio program. She details what they were really up to in her newspaper article.

How the imams terrorized an airlinerWashington Times 11/28/2006

Muslim religious leaders removed from a Minneapolis flight last week exhibited behavior associated with a security probe by terrorists and were not merely engaged in prayers, according to witnesses, police reports and aviation security officials.

Read it all using the link above, since she offers far more details and information than I could quote without basically putting the entire article here.

Also Robert Spencer found that one of the Imams on the flight, Omar Shahin who has been spokesman for the group, has ties to Osama bin Laden and a link to Hamas.

So don’t believe the mess they’re spewing in the media. Of course they’ve got people in Congress like Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee siding with them. Singing that racial profiling song.

Hot Air has audio of Michelle Malkin and a front man on Laura Ingraham’s show. You can learn what that front man (Mahdi Bray) is really about by reading this. Just another Islamist playing on nuts in Congress who put race above common sense.

Hear Savage and Hudson using the audio link below.
Michael Savage and Audrey Hudson on the airport imams – WMA Audio (Size: 1 MB)
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One Response to “Why Those Airport Imams Can’t Be Trusted! (Audio)”

  1. JMK Says:

    I’ve NEVER understood this lunacy over “racial profiling.”

    For one thing, it’s NOT purely “racial” anything, it’s called “pattern analysis.” Certain groups predominate in certain criminal behavior areas – the Mafia is generally Italian, the “Russian Mob” is generally….well, Russian, cocaine importers are largely Columbian, and Islamic terrorists tend to be (1) virtually all Islamic (2) mostly Arabic and (3) mostly male.

    But “pattern analysis” takes into account a lot more than just ethnic background, it takes into account behavior (ie. suspicious activities), mode of dress and a whole host of other considerations.

    I DON’T want the organized crime task force wasting time and resources tracking down American Swedes, American blacks and little old ladies when they KNOW they should be targeting Italian social clubs (and I’m part Italian).

    Likewise, I don’t want valuable TSA resources wasted on grannies, businessmen and college coeds when they KNOW they should be focused primarily on Arabic, Muslim males.

    Terrorism is NOT a “crime.”

    That’s correct, “Terrorism is NOT a crime.”

    Terrorism is an act of unconventional warfare, making international terrorists, in effect “enemy soldiers” engaged in warfare against the civilian populations of the U.S.

    The facts that they act as “soldiers” without an indentifying uniform and target civilian populations BOTH violate the Geneva Accords – that’s why they DON’T have the status of POW’s but are held as “illegal combatants.”

    In many cases, the abject stupidity of some of our citizens (especially the ACLU, CAIR and other terrorist sympathizers) is as dangerous as the terrorists themselves.

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