November 29, 2006

Sean Hannity Versus Nut Charles Barron. People Who Hit Cops With Cars Usually Get Shot! (Audio)

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So you’ve probably heard about the matter in New York, where some guys were leaving a strip club and one mentioned a gun. Then a cop stood in front of their car, identifying himself and then was hit by their car. Logically, the officer unloaded every bullet at his disposal and his fellow officers started firing also. I fully support the officers’ actions and people who hit cops with their car should expect such a response.

Oh, but in this case the people in the car were Black. Here comes the nut parade! Suddenly, although the officers were of various races (Black, White and Hispanic) it’s just the kind of thing race baiters enjoy trying to stir up a crowd over. And this time the rhetoric is bordering on calls for violence. Add to the mix that one of the Black men who was shot was about to be married the same day and emotions runneth over. Never mind that he was the person who drove the car into a police officer. All we are supposed to think about is that he’s Black and a police officer shot him. Because when any officer shoots a Black person it’s supposed to be thought of as a crime on the cop’s part. It’s a conditioned form of psychosis that leads many people to actually fall for such mess. They hear the lies to the point they actually live in a mental state where they see Black as always good and police as always out to harm Blacks. Never mind that these cops never had any prior known issues of this type before.

You can read some of the details in this article. It’s interesting how the article plays up that “50 shots” were fired. It’s not mentioned till later that the officer hit by the car fired over 30 of those shots. And I say he did the right thing. I would not blame him if he had fired more. Once the car hit the cop, he had to defend himself with deadly force because he was being struck with a deadly weapon.

One of the supreme race baiters and all around nuts involved in the march of the racial moonbats is Charles Barron. Using socialist rhetoric, race baiting and fear he continues to hold a seat in New York’s City Council. He appeared on Sean Hannity‘s radio show yesterday. He claims Sean going against him helps him get votes, but apparently the nationally syndicated radio program has not helped Barron win a seat in the US Congress. Watch out folks, this nut wants to be the next Cynthia McKinney.

Barron has been making statements in response to the shooting like:

We’re not the only ones that can bleed.

He claims to forecast a violent uprising if “justice” does not prevail. He considers justice to convict the officers of criminally negligent homicide. He said he feels they are guilty of that, but added:

They’re gonna get away like they always do.

Barron wants to create an atmosphere where everyone believes that officers stalk the streets looking for Black men to kill. You don’t see Barron rushing for the cameras when Black men are killing other Black men on those streets. Never mind that Black mens’ tally for killing each other surpasses anything a truly evil cop could dream of, we’re just supposed to attack any cop, even when the cop acts in self defense. And you’ll never hear Barron talking about how Blacks are the cause of their population decline in New York, because of killing their own babies at abortion facilities located in mostly minority areas. Throw all logic, fact, data and reason to the wind when trying to understand someone like Barron.

Barron claims Hannity has no clue about “Black life”. Well I’m Black every day of my life and I have a clue that Barron is a fool! It’s interesting how race baiters always try to act like someone not of their race could never understand a series of events. It implies that someone of a different race can’t assess the facts and come to a logical conclusion.

Check out this exchange between Hannity and Barron.

Hannity: Are you trying to start a race war in NYC?

Barron: There’s already one started, the police kill us and that’s a race war. They don’t kill White people, they only kill Blacks.

Well I guess if we could convince a White person in NYC to do something as stupid as hit a police officer with their car after someone else in their vehicle said something about a gun, we might be able to honestly test that theory.

Notice Barron has established WAR. Cops do their job and he claims WAR.

Barron also claims White areas are policed differently. He should be saying that high crime areas are policed differently from low crime areas. He happens to represent a HIGH CRIME area, Brooklyn. It’s not because of race but CRIME.

Check out this other exchange:

Hannity: So the African American officers are racists?

Barron: They’re not Black, they’re Blue. They’re cops! And the racism that they’re perpetuating is the institutional racism of the police department, that sees Black youths as thugs.

Notice the man’s attitude towards officers of the law putting their lives on the line to defend that city from the thugs he can’t stop himself.

Barron spins fear to keep his own name in the media for his own self promotion.

Hear it all using the audio link below.
Sean Hannity versus Charles Barron – WMA Audio (Size: 1.57 MB)
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update 11/29/2006:
Now we get more details.

Shooter: They knew I was cop NY Daily News 11/29/2006

ID’d self, flashed shield long before firing, his att’y says

The undercover cop who fired the opening salvo in a 50-shot barrage that felled a Queens man on his wedding day told his story yesterday for the first time.

The detective insisted he identified himself as a cop well before he fired on the car carrying Sean Bell and his buddies.

“This cop screamed, ‘Police!’ and he had his shield out,” attorney Philip Karasyk told the Daily News.

The detective held his fire despite Bell clipping him with his Nissan Altima, said Karasyk, who refused to name his client, even as police sources confirmed his identity.

“Once the car hit him, he jumped to the side,” Karasyk said.

But when the cop saw the man sitting in the passenger seat – whom police sources identified as Joseph Guzman – reach into his waistband, the officer fired the first of 11 rounds at the men.

Karasyk, however, said the five cops involved in the shooting – none of whom ever fired his gun on the job before – had no qualms about telling their stories before a Queens grand jury.

“That’s our offer to the prosecutors – to waive immunity,” Karasyk said.

The lawyer’s client is a Hispanic officer in his late 20s.

Police are still searching for that fourth man, who is believed to have left the Kalua Cabaret in Jamaica, Queens, with the victims – and to have disappeared shortly before the shooting started. Police also believe that the mystery man may have been armed.

Karasyk said his client followed because he heard Guzman say outside the club that he was going to get a gun to settle a beef with another club patron.

Detective Mike Oliver, who fired 31 shots, and Officer Mike Carey, who fired three times, are both white – as is Lt. Gerard Napoli, the supervising officer who did not fire his weapon. The two other officers who fired the remaining shots are both black. Their names have not been revealed.

OK, so the cop that was hit is Hispanic, he identified himself as an officer, didn’t shoot till he thought someone might pull a gun, even after being hit by their car. He fired 11 shots and another officer fired 31, the others except one fired the remaining shots. None of them ever fired their weapons before. I say the cops did their jobs and I’m glad their “blue” families did not suffer any loss. It’s just a shame some people act like fools over this. Some are surprised New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is catering to the race baiters. I told you before the man is a dumb Liberal.

5 Responses to “Sean Hannity Versus Nut Charles Barron. People Who Hit Cops With Cars Usually Get Shot! (Audio)”

  1. JMK Says:

    The NYPD and the City will definitely investigate this shooting thoroughly, as they should, but the story coming out is that one of the cops, working as an undercover in that strip club overheard one of the guys (Guzman) making threats about having a gun. When they left, he followed them outside to warn the other cops, when a scuffle broke out between this crew and another party. He claims he heard Sean Bell (the deceased) shout “Let’s F him up,” and Guzman yell, “Go get my gun.”

    The cop claims he followed the group to their car, identified himself as a cop and was brushed back by their car and fired after he saw Guzman reach into his waistband.

    Who’s telling the truth? What is the truth here?

    Hopefully that’ll all come out in the investigation. Internal Affairs is notoriously tough on cops. Cops have lost their jobs even after being cleared of criminal actions, based on procedural errors.

    It’s highly doubtful that a group of plainclothes cops, 2 blacks, 2 whites and 1 Hispanic went out that night looking to harm black men. Why would two black cops be involved in that kind of conspiracy? Why would anyone???

    Worse yet is the fact that Charles Barron implies “white cops shot unarmed blacks,” when white cops comprised just 40% of the police involved in that shooting.

    Charles Barron is a very dangerous man. A former Black Panther, filled with racial animus, who is now a City Councilman. He is a shameless hater and is as vile a racist and racial bigot as Michael Richards, but with more political power.

    Oddly enough, there was no such outcry a few weeks ago, when an off-duty black cop shot and killed a black thug who was holding a gun to another black man’s head, in Brooklyn. When the cop ID’d himself the gun wielding thug wheeled around and fired striking the police oficer once in the ankle and once in the buttocks, but the cop was able to squeeze off three shots hitting the thug in the chest and killing him.

    I guess the demographics weren’t as good for demagoguery in that instance.

    You’d think that if the likes of Sharpton and Barron really were interested in justice, they’d want to be kept abreast of the investigation, instead of merely looking to incite a riot.

    Sharpton is another very unstable character. I’ve heard so much about his “changing his ways” in the wake of the Tawanna Brawley hoax, but that’s wishful thinking, in my view.

    Worse than the Brawley affair was his post-Brawley inciting of a near-riot in Harlem over Freddy’s, a Jewish owned clothing and sporting goods store that had its rent raised by Freddy’s black landlord. Freddy rented a portion of his rented portion of the building to another tenant and raised that rent to help defray the costs of his increase.

    Sharpton moved in calling Freddy’s “a white interloper,” and implying that he such merchants were “chasing black merchants out of Harlem.” He incited a number of youths to violent protest and one man eventually set fire to Freddy’s killing, of course, five minority employees, who were working there at the time.

    If Sharpton’s “changed his ways” any, it’s for the worse, in my view.

    That doesn’t mean I think this is a good shoot, I have no way of knowing that, only that we’ll have to see what the evidence and the investigation bring out here.

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    The cops had never fired before, but notice nobody is mentioning Guzman and Bell have a string of arrests between them. Bell alone was arrested in 2003, 2004 and twice this year. This article attempts to sugar coat it, but I’m not buying the efforts to paint them as so innocent and never doing anything wrong. The cops records are clean, but not the records of the people shot.

    Barron and Sharpton are no good, period.

    You will never see them calling for a rally when a Black cop is killed. Never do you see their faces at the funeral of a Black cop.

  3. JMK Says:

    “You will never see them (Sharpton, Jackson, etc) calling for a rally when a Black cop is killed. Never do you see their faces at the funeral of a Black cop.” (IC)

    That certainly seems to be the case and maybe a part of that might be that black cops, like black Conservatives are treated as de facto whites by Liberals both black and white.

  4. Independent Conservative Says:

    New York City Councilman Charles Barron, a Democrat, Calls for Violence Against Cops.

    The man was a member and claims are he is still a member of the Black Panthers. The original Black Panthers have several of their members in prison for killing or trying to kill cops. Also their member Assata Shakur is being given safe haven by Cast…

  5. Independent Conservative Says:

    I Think NYC Police Should Protest to Demand Better Treatment

    Allow me to explain why I feel the following is simply ridiculous.

    Black NY protesters march 5th Ave over shooting

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Black New Yorkers angry over the police shooting death of a groom on his wedding day marched down Fifth Ave…

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