November 22, 2006

Steve Munsey, Turkeys and Supposedly Christian TV Telethons

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One great thing about the Internet is that you can learn about hucksters, frauds, heretics and fruits that abuse the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So that you can warn others. It seems Steve Munsey is a Prosperity Gospel Pimp artist and looking at his web site you can see he’s about the FLASH and his words show he’s about the CASH. Here is a web site that has been following some of Steve’s exploits. That’s where the turkeys come in. Because Steve wants YOU to be the turkey and give money because he says he’ll say a prayer that will make you rich! Don’t believe me? See the video below of Steve at a God TV telethon. I don’t think God is going to be very kind to the hucksters of networks like God TV come judgment time.

Steve Munsey and company pimping God’s people for money!

Yes he says he can pray you a “double portion” blessing. Makes one wonder why a man like this can’t simply pray money right into God TV’s coffers and eliminate the need for a telethon 😀 . And the woman supposedly speaking in tongues and offering interpretation only adds insult to the mess. As if God’s Holy Spirit would actually rest in a room with Steve Munsey and work in concert with him telling straight lies and pimping for cash is blasphemous. I’d literally fear for my life if I were in that room. Because if the real Holy Spirit came in they might be slain in the spirit in an unhealthy way. As in death and permanent sleep. There are plenty of Biblical accounts of the Holy Spirit taking out those who blaspheme.

If I were not someone who has been saved and in the body of Christ for literally decades, mess like this might shake my faith. But I’m thankful I know not to put my trust in men, but the true Lord and savior Jesus Christ. The pimps are in the mist of a high season, but the reaping will come and when God causes them to reap the mess they’ve sown it’s not going to be pretty.

Steve’s web site notes that he is now a regular on TBN. Lord help your sheep to hear your voice and not that of the crooks.

Jesus performed many miracles that are recorded in the Bible, but none include him telling someone to make a donation “now” for monetary riches. It’s interesting how the focus and work of Jesus differs from the focus of people like Munsey. So don’t be a turkey. Beware, predators like Munsey claim the faith, but really want your wallet!

Talk of the “bamboo blessing” and mess like that are talk I’ve heard from several of these pimps. It’s as if they all use each others tricks.

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2 Responses to “Steve Munsey, Turkeys and Supposedly Christian TV Telethons”

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    […] It seems as if Independent Conservative and Conservative Culture have found their common ground on this issue. The prosperity pimps doing the Gospel Hustle. […]

  2. Lockformer Says:

    What did Baker do? Was this the type of thing he got in trouble for?

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