October 25, 2006

Over Hyped Barack Obama. Another Liberal Posing Pseudo-Conservative.

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I’ve been thinking about this one and figured maybe I’d wait till closer to his soon to be failed Presidential campaign to comment, but I never would have done as well on the topic as La Shawn Barber has done in her post today about the Obama hype. Highly recommended reading. She knocks the cover off the ball! I really don’t care what he wrote about in his book. The main issue is that this guy is a typical Liberal, but he’s treated like a someone great, simply because he’s the latest Black Liberal who can formulate a sentence. He votes like Ted Kennedy and groups that intentionally target children in the womb for murder (you call it abortion) like Planned Parenthood and NARAL no chance for babies Pro-Choice America both give him their golden seal of approval, a 100% rating. He’s also one of the 62 Senators I’ve targeted for being voted out of office, because he was part of efforts against the original House bill to stop illegal immigration. Like any broken clock, sometimes he gets one right, like the funding transparency bill he supported. But he’s a Liberal and a real danger to not just children in the womb. The man is adored by Islamists!

So the man is awful and if he ever had a serious shot at being President I’d work against him till election day!

In La Shawn’s post, I noticed she pointed out a picture on Time magazine’s web site. It’s the big picture at the top of the story with a White woman fawning all over Obama. Using Liberal logic, isn’t that picture racist? Hey I only hold them to the standard of their own statements.

Speaking of which, I had to think about some Black Republicans that are running for office and possibly getting some added attention because they are Black. While they get some added time in the spot light, I don’t think their attention can be compared to Obama. Here’s my take on them:

So nobody really compares to the adoration sent Obama’s way, mostly because he’s Black and can speak so well. Personally, I do like that British Prime Minister Tony Blair can articulate the need for our current war against the enemy well and I think most people agree. So the speaking credits don’t always go to just Blacks. Just the same, Obama gets way more than he’s worked for and way more than anyone else he can be compared to. I was going to wait, but I’m glad somebody stepped up and spoke on it now. I don’t “hate” Obama, but I do HATE almost everything he stands for.

One Response to “Over Hyped Barack Obama. Another Liberal Posing Pseudo-Conservative.”

  1. Independent Conservative Says:

    Barack Hussein Obama, a Muslim Trained Advocate of Child Murder, Gay Adoption, Porn and Thugs!

    With each passing day it seems a new nut steps up to claim they wish to become our next President. The Obama train is picking up steam, but it seems many are ignoring that this man who claims the Christian faith is hardly practicing the fear of God.

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