September 24, 2006

Once Again Republicans Offer Dhimmitude. Charlie Crist Removes O’Neal Dozier From Campaign. UPDATE: Crist Caters to Illegals

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Dozier I’ve previously covered how Pompano Beach, Florida Rev. O?Neal Dozier was dumped by Republican Governor Jeb Bush, after Dozier called out Islam as the cult that it is. Before that, Florida’s Republican Attorney General Charlie Crist, who is running for Governor, had Rev. Dozier working with his campaign. Crist was OK with having Dozier around, but dumps him after winning the Republican nomination. Why? Because Rev. Dozier is doing exactly what he’s always been doing. Letting people know that Islam is a dangerous cult.

Basically Rev. Dozier has started passing out Christian tracts that denounce Islam. And suddenly Crist is acting like he wants nothing to do with Dozier. But hey, people tell me that the Republican Party is the Party of Christ. Let’s just say I’m not expecting Christ to come back with an elephant on his garment.

Crist dumps preacher who ranted on Islam

Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist ordered his staff on Friday to remove a Pompano Beach minister from his campaign because of his stand against Islam.

More details from Dozier.

Crist Removes Broward Pastor From Advisory Panel (emphasis added)

Dozier confirmed that someone from Crist’s campaign called Friday about his removal. ”I’m just simply doing what I think any true pastor would do,” Dozier said.

“There is no way I can turn my back on this thing. This mosque coming into our neighborhood is a total nightmare. It’s a religion that is not a peaceful religion.”

The pastor of Worldwide Christian Center in Pompano Beach said he was told he was being removed from the council “because of the pamphlets I’ve been passing out in the area where the Muslims want to move.”

“I am really hurt about it,” Dozier said. “There’s no place for those who want to do the work of God in politics. Politicians want you to support them, but they are not going to support you.

Now he gets it! Here is a copy of one of the Christian tracts he’s distributing.

Back in July, here is what Charlie Crist was saying about Dozier. (From the first link above.)

Crist’s move is a turnaround from two months ago. In July, he told The Miami Herald he wasn’t going to stop Dozier from volunteering in his gubernatorial campaign.

”I’m grateful for all the support I can get,” Crist said then.

And before that, back in May Dozier said this suspect piece of prophesy.

Pastor appointed by Bush won’t apologize for remarks on Islam (emphasis added)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Rev. O’Neal Dozier has two missions, and he has been outspoken about achieving both: saving souls and helping Republicans.

A personable black pastor and former professional football player from Broward County, he has associated with Gov. Jeb Bush and recently introduced gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist at a meeting with other pastors – an event at which he said Jesus Christ told him Crist would be the next governor.

Crist, the state’s attorney general, asked Dozier to introduce him at a pastors’ breakfast in Miami in May. Dozier told the group that Jesus came to him in a dream and told him Crist would be the next governor.

The Crist campaign said the candidate doesn’t share the pastor’s views on Islam.

“Charlie Crist is happy to have his support. Just because someone supports Charlie Crist, it doesn’t mean he agrees with their views, it means they agree with his,” said campaign spokeswoman Erin Isaac.

Dozier is correct about Islam, but he also could be working towards false prophet status if Crist does not win! I wonder what dreams Dozier is having now about Christ and Crist?

Is it just me, or do many of today’s preachers feel that they also must try to be prophets? A true prophet of God never makes a wrong call. Hey Crist could win, but if he does not, Dozier should back down from playing the role of a prophet.

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update 9/24/2006 4:03AM:
Dozier’s prophesy could come true and it might come via Crist catering to illegals.

Crist vies for Hispanics

The gubernatorial candidate’s outreach to Central Florida’s Hispanics came on a day when he severed his relationship with key religious supporter the Rev. O’Neal Dozier, part of a coalition of black supporters.

The Rev. Edgardo Luis L?pez, president of the Hispanic Christian Church Association of Central Florida, said the group wants to make itself available to Crist to keep him focused on the needs of churches and the plight of immigrants, whether they are here legally or illegally.

What is this? Help people break the law in the name of Jesus 🙄 ?

Talk about playing on race! Crist dumps Dozier, obviously figures it will tick off Black voters and runs to Hispanics the very same day. Given the selected group of Hispanics support illegals, this means Crist is catering to the desires of Islamists and illegals. And you thought the Democrats were the ones catering to these groups… Republicans try to have it both ways. For example, they vote for a 700 mile fence, but also want amnesty and who knows if they will ever actually provide funding for the fence. Bush mentions the enemy is “Islamic” (Islamic fascism), but holds hands with the Saudi Prince (who’s nation’s laws are rooted in Islamic fascism) and presses for Palestinian statehood. This party politics seems to make sense to lots of Americans, given they dedicate themselves to a party. But I think Dozier was correct in saying they are not going to support you. They support WINNING and that is all.

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    Well, I can chalk this up as another example of why politicians are never to be trusted.
    Here in Florida we will be voting for a governor to replace Jeb Bush. The winner in the Republican primary was Charlie Crist. Many people voted for him. …

  2. Independent Conservative Says:

    Reverend O’Neal Dozier Offers to Work with Moderate Muslims. Supposed Moderate Muslims Reject the Offer.

    Rev. O’Neal Dozier, pastor of the Worldwide Christian Center in Pompano Beach, Florida has stired up some emotions for calling Islam a cult. An expanding mosque in his area has terrorist ties worth being concerned about.
    Well Rev. Dozier came ou…

  3. DonnSwaby Says:

    I read the Sept. 30th essay about how Christians Evangelicals would never do a list of certian things like want all who did not convert to Christianity to be killed, want the entire world to be converted, believe that women should be subservient to men, all gays should be killed or at least be kept second class citizens like the untouchables in India.

    I am a 33 year old ex-Catholic, non demoninational spiritual human being, U.S. citizen, who has love for all humanity, regardless of religion. I also believe in freeodm of religion and Separation of Church and State.

    Sir, you claim there are no Evangelical Christians who do not believe the things you listed. Yet, Evangelical Christians are not the only Christian demoniation. The fact is there are literally hundreds of Christian denominations (we can all look that up), each profesing to have the truth over all the other religions, both Christian and non-Christian. I personally know some Christians who believe that every single human beings relationship with God is personal and does not have to involve another human being, let alone a whole religion. I have also talked to some Christians who told me to my face (one of them was a brother in a Christian religious order) that the felt jesus commanded them to kill all non believers, that gays deserve death, and that Christianity should not only dominate the U.S., but the entire world.

    I have found through personal experience that not all Christians are alike in belief. I have found that is true for ay religion including Islam. You do not want people generalizing about Evangelicals but you generalize about Islam. Any religion can be used either to promote peace and love or violence and hatred; it all depends upon the hearts of the religion’s practioners.

    As for the ten Commandments, they should have never been put in public places to begin with. Otherwise, scriptural passages from the Torak, the Koran, the tenents of Buddhism, and the Upanishads (Hinduism) should also be publically posted; after all, one religion is not suppose to be endorsed over another. I would support prayer in schools if it meant each student were allowed to pray in any way they wanted, wether that be Christian/Jewish, Islamic/Buddhist/Hindu/Jainist prayer, simple meditation (which is another word for prayer), or not praying at all. No one religion’s prayer would be used for all. Now to me, that is religious freedom. Would you agree with me on this or do you feel all students should be forced to say Christian prayers? You okay with the Ten Commandments up with other religion’s scipture or do you want Christianity dominating over all other religions (which is opposite of freedom of religion)?

    I am curious to know your response. You can write to me at i look forward to hearing from you.

  4. IndependentConservative Says:

    DonnSwaby was speaking of this post when speaking of a list I made in a post on 9/30/2006.

    DonnSwaby, I’m not going to spin into various other matters with you and will stick to the main issue at hand here. You claim basically that all religions have nuts that want to kill everyone not like them. However there is one major difference with Islam. And that is that the tenants of Islam and life of Muhammad himself endorse and promote such activity. While the life of Christ and others do not.

    This is something that Robert Spencer has noted in an interview that I posted clips of in this other post.

    There are people who have killed over something as simple as their preference of sports team, but the team never endorsed murder on the basis of team preference. In Islam, Muhammad not only killed those who refused his theology, but instructed others to do the same. This cannot be honestly paralleled with the life of Christ.

    This is why the Christian faith is honestly superior to Islam.

    If you want to know my thoughts on other issues, you are free to search this blog and find them. I have answered your questions in other posts. I have no time to rehash them at your request. You want to know, you take the time to find.

    I pray you one day find that Jesus is the true superior answer to all that is “spiritual”.

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