August 17, 2006

Eric Zorn is Right to Say Elvira Arellano Should be Hauled Out of That Church and Deported. She is Not Rosa Parks!

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Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn has put together a fairly good piece about the law breaker claiming the church should defend her law breaking. Her name is Elvira Arellano and she along with the church trying to keep her from authorities are wrong. Both are openly disrespecting the laws of this land, that are not unjust laws. Rosa Parks was a US citizen fighting to be treated like a citizen. Elvira Arellano is an illegal alien and should be treated as such! Our nation provides a means to legally immigrate and Elvira Arellano chose to break those laws, more than once. Given she repeatedly broke our laws to be in this nation her child fails the test for true citizenship.

Although I agree with most of what Mr. Zorn says, I disagree with his views of allowing amnesty in the future. We already tried that and it only inspired more law breaking. Just the same I highly recommend reading his commentary in full.

Freedom Folks is just 5 blocks away from the scene of this abomination and giving it close coverage. Check them out!

Plenty of poor people break the law for money. Should churches start obstructing justice for them? I don’t think so!

Elvira Arellano broke the laws, did what is done to make a baby, no father anywhere to be found, which means she probably was not married when she did what was done to make a baby and uses the child as an amnesty tool. She now runs to the church for defense of her lawbreaking. Yes folks, this is an abomination. No lynch mob is trying to stone her to death, just the legitimate government of this nation trying to enforce the laws on the books. Both her and her child should be deported. The church pastor should be arrested for obstruction of justice.

update 8/26/2006 9:57AM:
Some who live in Chicago and disagree with my commentary, feel that only people within Chicago should be offering comments on this issue and it should be handled like a matter local to Chicago. For those who feel that way, I must remind you, she skipped a court date for violation of FEDERAL law, that means the laws of this nation have been violated and everyone can chime in. And besides, even if it was a local matter I’d say something just the same if I felt like it.

2 Responses to “Eric Zorn is Right to Say Elvira Arellano Should be Hauled Out of That Church and Deported. She is Not Rosa Parks!”

  1. Diggers Realm Says:

    Democrat Congressmen Bobby Rush And Luis Gutierrez Actually Filed Specific Amnesty Bills For Elvira Arellano Last Year

    In 2005 Congressmen Bobby Rush and Luis Gutierrez and in 2003 Senator Dick Durbin, all Illinois Democrats, filed separate bills that specifically granted Elvira Arellano permanent resident status and an extension of her visa in the interim. Elvira Arel…

  2. Says:

    Foreign Interference in my town again.

    The salsa intifada is getting ugly here in Chicago and once again we’re being embarrassed because every nativist right winger and their 2 brothers are butting in.
    So Elvira Arellano, a 31 year old illegal immigrant, got busted in a raid at her place…

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