August 9, 2006

McKinney Voters, Not Bright People!

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If there was a test for people to vote, I don’t know if she’d have any voters at all. The AJC (which is a Liberal newspaper) has blown away McKinney’s claims of “voting irregularities”.

McKinney alleges voting irregularities

Shortly after the polls opened on Tuesday, allegations of voting irregularities began appearing on U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney?s campaign Web site.

The Georgia Secretary of State?s Office kept an eye on the elections, with 15 roving monitors on the ground in the 4th District, said spokeswoman Kara Sinkule.

Sinkule noted that the complaints were only coming from the McKinney campaign. ?We are not having voters saying we are having equipment malfunctions,? Sinkule said.

When McKinney beat out five opponents in the Democratic primary in 2004 to re-claim her congressional seat, she did not question the voting machines? accuracy or the results. On Tuesday, she was anything but silent on the issue.

Both local and state elections officials said they are taking McKinney?s allegations seriously. But they were also quick to say many of the complaints were unwarranted.

In answer to an allegation that a voter tried to vote for McKinney, but the machine popped up a vote for Johnson, the office said:

?Upon investigation by the manager, it was determined while the one candidates?s name was touched by the ball of the finger, the fingernail hit the name,? the statement read. ?We do not expect voters to cut their nails to vote, but we are cautioning everyone to make certain they are satisfied with their choices before they hit the ?cast ballot? button.?

Lattimore said some voters who were told to wait while a poll worker investigated a problem misinterpreted it as being turned away from the polls. ?We ask a voter to wait a second and suddenly [they think] we turn them away.?

McKinney’s actions (and those of her campaign) remind me of a boxer who knows they are about to take a beating, so they make excuses to act as if the fight was not fair.

McKinney is the kind of lady who can’t take rejection gracefully 😀 .

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