August 7, 2006

Liberal/Progressive Supporters of Cynthia McKinney are Getting Their Excuses Ready. Billy McKinney Blames Republicans. Progressives Blame Diebold Electronic Voting Machines Endorsed by Democratic Secretary of State.

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In preparation for Cynthia McKinney’s impending doom at the polls tomorrow, her Liberal/Progressive supporters are piling up their usual list of excuses. Although Hank Johnson has said he is a Liberal/Progressive himself!

Recently Cynthia McKinney’s father Billy McKinney, who blamed her 2002 Democratic Primary loss (he loss a local election that same year) on “J-E-W-S” is now claiming that “R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C-A-N-S” are taking her down. He’s also upset Democrats won’t support her. He was crying this exact same stuff back in 2002 and I heard it myself on Atlanta’s Black Liberal race baiter WAOK-AM. Just like then, he’s claiming she’ll go “independent” if she loses.

BILLY MCKINNEY: Cynthia McKinney Will Lead No Matter What By Billy McKinney

The Fourth District is in danger of being represented by the Republican Party.

If the Democrats let the brazen Republicans do this, then the Democratic Party deserves a Republican representitive presenting its views in Washington.

If this is the case, then the time is ripe for Cynthia to lead this country in an independent movement. One where money is not the leading ingredient, but where “Truth, Peace, and Justice” is the mantle and WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER.

After her loss in 2002 he declared himself and Cynthia were Independents, but she never did a thing till she could run for the same US House Seat in 2004 as a DEMOCRAT. Al Sharpton is another one who claims “Independent” when it’s convenient, but runs back to the Democrats every election cycle. It really does not matter what these folks run as, the result will be the same for them.

And look at this proud McKinney supporter:
Cindy Nut
(Moonbat Supreme Cindy Sheehan)

That’s a reason to vote McKinney out if nothing else. That pic comes courtesy of Atlanta Progressive News, that is trying to blame McKinney’s run-off on “Vote-Flipping”. McKinney says she has the affidavits ready. They are trying to assert that Diebold electronic voting machines are some evil tool used against McKinney. Georgia’s Secretary of State Cathy Cox is a Democrat I’ve bashed here before. She’s pressed for these machines, but Liberals/Progressives claim Cox is trying to setup McKinney. So I guess it’s supposed to be a bi-partisan conspiracy against Democrat Cynthia McKinney.

Machine Vote-Flipping Claimed in McKinney Primary

(APN) ATLANTA ??You?ve got electronic voting machines. Many people called in and shared their concern. They pushed the button for Cynthia McKinney and Hank Johnson came up. It wasn?t one time, it wasn?t two times, it was many, many times,? Karen Fitzpatrick, who has been monitoring elections for US Rep. McKinney?s re-election campaign, told Atlanta Progressive News in an exclusive interview.

Let me repeat: The McKinney Campaign says they have documented complaints of voters here in Georgia whose votes FLIPPED BEFORE THEIR VERY EYES on Diebold machines.

?It started early this morning. There were well over 25 to 30 calls that came in [to the campaign office]. Many of them went to the poll manager [after this happened]. In some cases, the poll managers said there?s nothing we can do. In some cases the voter left frustrated as if their vote had been compromised, as if it had been stolen,? Fitzpatrick said.

And many voters hadn?t even selected the ?cast ballot? button yet, when they were told it was already too late, Fitzpatrick said.

?I believe that was their instructions. There?s no question in my mind they were following instructions,? from the Elections Division under Cathy Cox, she said.

There you have it, a full blown assertion of a voting conspiracy. Of course they didn’t say a word in 2004, when McKinney surprised everyone and won the Democratic Primary outright without a run-off, using Diebold electronic voting machines.

McKinney will probably be making these public after she loses the run-off.

McKinney?s campaign showed APN a stack of affidavits from who they say are traumatized voters.

Yes you read that right, “traumatized voters” 🙄 .

Medea Benjamin of the far left anti-American war group Code Pink Stink also supports McKinney. You never see Code Pink Stink, McKinney or Sheehan protesting the actions of Hezbollah. But they always pop up to protest against Israel and the USA. Their “peace” ACTORvism is always inspired by Western powers, but never by Radical Islam. I’ve talked about Medea Benjamin’s stupidity in this previous post.

After McKinney is defeated, she might be campaigning for moonbat Sheehan in the future.

Sheehan told APN she hasn?t ruled out running for Congress in the future in California.

So get ready for the excuses and Liberals/Progressives trying to push more of their candidates in the future…probably as Democrats.

6 Responses to “Liberal/Progressive Supporters of Cynthia McKinney are Getting Their Excuses Ready. Billy McKinney Blames Republicans. Progressives Blame Diebold Electronic Voting Machines Endorsed by Democratic Secretary of State.”

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    […] I can’t leave it on that sour note, so here’s cause for optimism: nutroots fundraising is overblown; the entire state of New Hampshire hates Hillary; and regardless of happens with Liebs, chances are good we’ll have something to celebrate tomorrow night. […]

  2. brooklyn Says:

    I hate to say I told you so but…

    McKinney has to lay down the groundwork for her case of “They sole the election from me” if she looses tomorrow night. So she’ll have her people calling all the black radio shows tomorrow complaining that their “vote changed right before their very eyes” getting the word out that she’s been ripped off.

    Now if she wins, she’ll make some B.S. story that her office will “look into the flipped votes” issue but like O.J. looking for the “real” killer, she’ll let that fall by the wayside and continue her campaign of “Speaking Truth to Power”.

    Come on folks this isn’t that hard to predict.

  3. IndependentConservative Says:

    I’m still waiting for Jesse Jackson to file those lawsuits he said were coming after the New Orleans election.

  4. Ron_B Says:

    We are witnessing the photo negative of the White racist voters of the 1960’s who did what they needed to do to hold on to the last vestiges of their way of life.

    The Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalists who rabidly support Cynthia McKinney have become the very thing that they despise most – intolerant, racists who “vote their race”.

    If Cynthia is not running against a Republican – THEY WILL MAKE HER DEMOCRATIC OPPONENT INTO ONE.


  5. Independent Conservative Says:

    Cynthia McKinney, Queen of the Far Left Liberal/Progressive Pro-Arab Movement Has Been Defeated!

    Once again, the evil witch of South Dekalb county. The friend of the Arab Muslims that scream “Death to America”, has been defeated. Although another Liberal will be taking her place, it is an improvement.

    U.S. House Democratic D…

  6. Independent Conservative Says:

    McKinney Voters, Not Bright People!

    If there was a test for people to vote, I don’t know if she’d have any voters at all. The AJC (which is a Liberal newspaper) has blown away McKinney’s claims of “voting irregularities”.

    McKinney alleges voting irre…

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