August 2, 2006

Laura Ingraham and Brigitte Gabriel Discuss Christian Persecution in Lebanon By Hezbollah (Audio)

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IngrahamBrigitte G Today Laura Ingraham spoke with Brigitte Gabriel, President and Founder of the American Congress for Truth. Brigitte is an American born in Lebanon and was a Maronite Lebanese (Christian). While living in Lebanon she was taught to hate Israel and did not even know the Old Testament was part of the Bible, because she was indoctrinated into an environment that hates Jews and the Torah. Fortunately for her, those same Jews she was taught to hate saved her and her mother. She moved to Israel and worked there when she finally was able to see first hand that Jews were not the evil people she was once taught they were. Read more about all of that here. Now she can speak freely about the persecution she and her family faced at the hands of Hezbollah. All her close family is dead and she has no more ties to Lebanon, which is why she can speak freely, while so many other Christians from that area must remain silent.

On Laura’s show Brigitte rattled off some of the most shocking information you’ll hear about Hezbollah and why it is right for Israel to destroy this enemy without pause.

She mentioned:

This is stunning information that you must hear for yourself.

Hear it all using the audio link below.
Laura Ingraham and Brigitte Gabriel discuss Christian persecution in Lebanon by Hezbollah – ASF Audio
(For the sake of bandwidth there will be no other formats made.)

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