July 11, 2006

Hank Johnson, if You Want to Beat Cynthia McKinney, Get Off the TV and into the Streets!

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McKinney No Show I’ve mentioned Hank Johnson and his efforts to defeat Cynthia McKinney in the Democratic Primary next Tuesday in Georgia’s 4th US Congressional district. I think he’s got the best chance to beat her and I hope he does. However I think he might be taking the wrong path and setting himself up for a loss. So here’s some free campaign advice for him. Get off the TV and get into the streets door to door until you shake every hand in South Dekalb county Georgia! Only one person (Liberal Democrat Denise Majette) has defeated McKinney and although many feel she did it because of McKinney’s insane comments, she visited enough people in South Dekalb that even McKinney’s supporters failed to turn out for the Primary election.

A lot of news is being made of McKinney not showing up for debates. But please let me explain something. Most of the people watching TV are not able to vote in this primary. Most of the millions watching FoxNews can’t either. The bottom line is that the election takes place in the 4th district and simply being on TV, at the local mall or a new local business opening is not enough. If Hank wants to win, he’s going to have to wear out his shoes in the next 6 days like never before.

Sure I hope Hank wins, but I won’t be shocked if he loses. Because I’m seeing him on TV too much, when he needs to be out on the streets of the 4th district, not a TV studio! The 4th district is still won the old fashioned way, going door to door. There are not enough votes in Gwinnett and Rockdale counties to win this race. If Hank does not do more in South Dekalb County he’s going to lose. Because South Dekalb County is where the votes are! Sure he’s known there. Sure he’s won elections for local office there. But now he’s in a new race, facing a challenger on a level he’s never experienced before. I’d like Hank to win that Primary, but if he really wants it he’s going to need to pick up a good set of walking shoes.

I’m not saying he should skip debates, but to me it looks like he may not be doing enough campaign work in the area where the votes are.

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  1. Independent Conservative Says:

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