May 18, 2006

More With This Duke Lacrosse Rape Accuser Just Does Not Add Up

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It seems she does some pretty nasty crimes and gets off easy. Also, she seems to have a habit of being “passed out” when cops come around her.

Lawyers question dancer’s plea deal in ’02

DURHAM — Defense lawyers suggested Wednesday that the District Attorney’s Office may have shown favoritism as early as 2002 to an exotic dancer who claimed she was gang raped during a Duke University lacrosse party in March.

In a written motion filed in Durham County Superior Court, attorneys for indicted rape suspect Reade Seligmann asked why the dancer received “such a favorable plea bargain” for criminal charges arising out of a drunken, stolen-car, high-speed police chase in June 2002.

Court records show that even though the woman was charged with four felonies and numerous other traffic violations, the offenses were plea-bargained down to misdemeanors and she received only probation.

Meanwhile, a Durham County Sheriff’s Office report — reviewed four years ago by Sgt. T.H. McCrae and recently obtained by The Herald-Sun — provides details of the 2002 car chase involving the alleged rape victim.

The incident began at a topless dance club while the woman was performing for a taxi driver, McCrae wrote.

“As she was feeling him up and putting her hands in his pockets she removed the keys to his taxi cab, without him knowing,” the officer said. “He [the cabbie] told her he would drive her home but needed to go to the restroom first. While in the restroom he was advised that she was driving off in his taxi cab.”

McCrae said he chased the woman at speeds up to 70 mph in a 55-mph zone until she finally stopped.

“As I began to approach the vehicle she put it in drive and drove towards me,” McCrae added. “I jumped out of the way to the right and she missed me. The suspect then struck the right rear quarter of my patrol vehicle.”

Another chase ensued, but the woman finally was apprehended after having a flat tire, according to McCrae.

The officer said she registered a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.19 on a portable sensing device — more than double North Carolina’s 0.08 legal threshold for impairment.

And while being questioned, the dancer “passed out and was unresponsive,” McCrae said.

She was taken to the emergency room at Duke University Hospital, McCrae’s report indicated.

On the night of the alleged rape, the woman was also described by an officer as being “passed out drunk” before being taken to the emergency room and saying she had been assaulted.

In connection with the 2002 incident, the woman was charged with felonious assault with a deadly weapon [the stolen taxi] on a government officer, felonious larceny and felonious possession of a stolen vehicle, felonious speeding to elude arrest, driving while impaired, driving with a revoked license, driving while left of center, ignoring an officer’s blue lights and siren, reckless driving, driving the wrong way on a dual-lane highway, having an open alcoholic beverage container in the car, two counts of damaging personal property and resisting a public officer.

And there might be more coming.

Finally, defense attorneys said they want investigative files pertaining to various employers of the two dancers, including Allure Escort Services and Bunny Hole Entertainment.

If Nifong doesn’t voluntarily surrender the requested information within seven days, a judge should order him to do so, lawyers Osborn and Conner wrote.

Yea once upon a time, she was a member of the navy and other good stuff. But lately (for many years) she’s been anything but honorable and certainly is less than credible. She tried to hit a cop and got off easy. If Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney does not get off easy for hitting a cop and claims it is because she’s a Black woman, remember this.

Let’s be honest, the accuser in this case is a lush that can’t be trusted. Working for an “escort service” and had fresh semen inside of her, that was supposedly from her “boyfriend”. So we know where the supposed “internal trauma” comes from. This whole case is bogus! And I think she does more than just “strip” for the money. In fact, I think she was doing just that for some money before heading to the Duke lacrosse players’ home that night. That’s why she showed up with her “stripper outfit” already on.

Where were the protesters when she was stealing and trying to hit a police officer? They did not ask for “healing” then! They did not cry out for “justice” then. And we know what they call “justice” is nothing but a conviction of the accused regardless of the facts. I don’t think Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong is ever going to put her on the stand. He’s going to drop this case. But I do think she’s going to try and get some money out of this. It fits her true character perfectly. If she was White, the DA would have laughed her out of his office. But a Black accuser made for the perfect racial spin for some votes.

And I’ve seen no evidence to prove otherwise.

4 Responses to “More With This Duke Lacrosse Rape Accuser Just Does Not Add Up”

  1. Voice of reason Says:

    Lawyers are waiting in the shadows for lucrative civil suit

    A man stands in the shadows of the Duke Lacrosse ‘rape’ case…watching and waiting. While the three wealthy, white male students remains in criminal court, he is not likely to step forward.

    Even at this early stage, the stripper’s mother is “very much interested” in “getting Willie E. Gary is a litigator renowned for winning huge settlements.

    The stripper’s parents met with Gary in April. The meeting was facilitated by civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson.

    Gary acts as a family adviser, and the parents are laying groundwork to make a civil bid. Public opinion can be a large bargaining chip in obtaining a lucrative settlement. Earlier, the parents spoke freely; now they’re being more media savvy.

    Essence Magazine featured three articles by Kristal Brent Zook. Each is sympathetic to the accuser. (1st) “Family Defends Daughter’s Painful Past”, (2nd) “Nowhere to Turn,” depicts the accuser as living in terror. (3rd) is basically an announcement of Willie Gary’s appearance in the case; it concludes by stating that the parents “worry that their daughter may…need additional legal guidance.”

    Civil law deals in torts or harms inflicted by one person upon another; its purposes are compensation for actual or perceived damages.

    A “guilty” verdict in criminal court can be used to establish liability in a civil one but if the verdict is “not guilty” or the charges are dropped, a civil case can proceed independently.

    Kobe Bryant settled out-of-court settlement. Such settlements are not necessarily admissions of guilt. After months of media blitz, Bryant may have been embarrassed to settle, so civil suits could be lucrative even if the “accuser’s” claim is completely fabricated. The Duke students will face the same choice?

    Civil suits can be lucrative, and they’re easier to win; standards of evidence and other legal protections enjoyed by a defendant are significantly lowered in civil court.

    Clearly, her parents wish to explore a civil proceeding. Gary is conspicuously available.

  2. Voice of reason Says:

    Comparing LAX case to that of Scottsboro Nine

    I am a college instructor who teaches criminal justice and a criminal defense attorney. In my entire career I have never seen such a bizarre and unfair case as the one against three Duke lacrosse players.

    I teach a class about a similar case in American history, the Scottsboro Nine. In March 1931, a group of nine black teen-agers was charged with rape on incredibly flimsy evidence in Scottsboro, Ala. The nine were originally charged with the rape of two white women. Even after one woman testified that she lied about the rape, the nine teens continued to face rape charges and the threat of death by execution.

    In the Scottsboro case, the two women were part-time prostitutes, but that didn’t matter, nor did it matter that at least one of the boys was known to be physically unable to have sex, and two of the boys were only 13. Like Durham, the real issue was race.

    In Scottsboro, nine young men were wrongly charged and condemned because they were black, and today the Duke lacrosse players have, in my opinion, been wrongly charged and condemned because they are white and the alleged victim is black.

    The one constant with respect to the two cases is racism. I often ask my students if it possible for blacks to discriminate against whites in the same type of mindless ignorance as the KKK or the way the mob went after the Scottsboro Nine. The answer I receive is yes, and my students point to Durham as proof.

    May 20, 2006

  3. Voice of reason Says:

    Many prominent folks in Durham supported the candidacy of Mike Nifong for district attorney, none more distinguished than law professor Robinson Everett. His column of May 12, “Try a lie detector test for alleged victim” is sage advice. Given the accuser’s troubled history of crying “rape,” according to law enforcement officials, one might reasonably ask why Nifong did not administer such a test when she first made these allegations some two months ago. The job of prosecutor is not just to seek indictments; it is to seek justice. The suggestion that the accuser be given a lie detector test is not just good advice, it is an exit strategy for a prosecutor whose case now appears to be hopelessly lost.

    May 20, 2006

  4. Voice of reason Says:

    No-case Nifong

    Once again District Attorney Mike Nifong has been shown to be an arrogant individual who apparently cares more about publicity and getting votes than he does about seeing that justice is served. If we the public are getting the right information from the press and the defense attorneys, Nifong does not have a case.

    It appears to me that Nifong erroneously opened his mouth in an irresponsible manner initially in order to obtain votes and is now too arrogant and egotistical to admit his mistake. So he has chosen to continue with a case that as it stands now would render a not guilty verdict by any impartial jury. I only hope that if this case goes to trial that the jury is not made up of people who are out to get the “well-to-do white boys from the north.”

    Nifong’s conduct does not say much for our justice system here in Durham and/or for his qualifications for the DA position. Too bad that all Durham registered voters did not have the option of voting on the DA position. No, I have not predetermined that these boys are not guilty but, if Nifong has no more than has been evident so far, I also could not beyond any reasonable doubt say they are guilty. I will say that many things concerning this matter stink and I pray that the real truth comes out at some point.

    May 20, 2006

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