May 2, 2006

Boycotters Who Favor Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Shoot Themselves in the Foot

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So once again the advocates of illegal aliens decided to have yet another protest and boycott. Here in Georgia it proved to change nothing in my life and that of other Georgians who try and avoid doing business with companies that hire illegals. The only people affected were businesses that break the law by hiring illegals and the communities of the boycotters. The illegals were hurt by missing a day of work, companies that hire them were hurt and the economy in the communities where they live was also hurt. I guess the whole idea of trying to shut down “our” economy didn’t really work out. In their efforts to boycott they only hurt and shut down themselves. While proving that we really could do just fine without them.

Atlanta’s local 11 Alive News did a report about how many Latino owned businesses are hardest hit by these boycotts. You can watch the video report here.

Hispanic Business Owners Take Hit

From construction sites to retail shops across Metro Atlanta, Hispanic workers stayed away from their jobs, and their bosses shut down and locked up for the day.

And among the business owners hardest hit by the boycott were Hispanic business owners.

At Plaza Fiesta Shopping Center, on Buford Highway?there was plenty of parking, and almost nowhere to shop.

?I’m losing money today,? said Adriana Gallardo. ?But that’s okay.?

Adriana Gallardo says she chose to close her jewelry business for the day. So, she had nothing to do but touch up the paint on one of her counters.

She is one of 230 shop owners at Plaza Fiesta, out of 234, who joined the boycott.
And she gave her employees the day off.

Now how many times have I shopped at the Plaza Fiesta Shopping Center? ZERO! And given this kind of advertising, I’ll be sure that I never shop there. Basically this is a shopping area that immigrants shop at. Everybody knows that the portion of Buford Highway in US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney’s voting district is run by immigrants. No wonder she’s catering to them instead of her usual base of voters. So who’s hurt by them shutting down? Not me and not the rest of my fellow Georgians. For us all the other malls in the state were open for business. I hear some chicken processing plants were closed, I say so what, if it means getting rid of the illegals let them stay closed and I hope the owners are prosecuted for hiring illegals.

The boycott’s biggest impact was on small business, mostly Hispanic-owned business.

Congratulations advocates of illegals. You’ve hurt the economy of the demographic group that offers services to many of the state’s illegals. My word, you’re doing my friend Bob Griggs’ job for him. Maybe we who are against illegal immigration should have joined your boycott marches, since you’re doing such a good job of shooting yourselves in the foot.

The Hispanic owner of one restaurant, who defied the boycott and kept his restaurant open, did not do much business. Most of his regular customers stayed away. And he’s angry that Hispanic business people who shut down for the day are bearing the brunt of the boycott.

?Absolutely. Yes,? he said. ?It hurts business. It hurts sales. It hurts everybody that, you know, is related to the Hispanic community in general.?

He asked not to be identified. He’s worried that, because he stayed open, some might try to retaliate, and business might suffer after the boycott.

?The economic boycott here in Atlanta is really slowing down the effort that we have made in the previous year,? he said.

Other businesses across Metro Atlanta that serve the Hispanic marketplace, and employ Hispanic workers, responded to the boycott as if they’d never heard of it.

?We like work, okay?,? explained a woman named Hernandez, as she worked her job at Taco Market on Buford Highway.

She said business was off from a normal Monday but she had no second thoughts about coming to work.

Now that the advocates of illegals have successfully hurt Hispanic businesses and pressured some Hispanic business owners to hurt themselves by being closed, what comes next? As I’ve said previously. These boycotters are not at all like Civil Rights protesters of the past, but they are like some Black racist nuts that I’ve seen protest in the name of “race”. And given that, I already can predict their next steps. Next they will try to ensure that future protests advocate buying at Hispanic owned businesses and avoid the “Gringo”. This will also prove to be fruitless for them. Given any non-Latino owned business they choose to boycott will only be businesses in their own communities, that were servicing them. Everyone else will still not be impacted. This failure might lead some to consider acts of violence and vandalism against “Gringo” owned businesses, like the riots in Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict. This would also fail, because it will leave businesses in their own communities ruined and less money will be invested in their communities after any such acts. If they were to consider any acts of violence and vandalism outside of their own communities, that would only result in a stiff response from law enforcement.

The Solution

So what is the best option for the advocates of illegal aliens? None of the above! Their best option would be to protest in front of buildings run by the government of Mexico. Like the Mexican Consulate buildings across this nation. They should protest against the extensive corruption in Mexico. Press the leaders in Mexico to remove corruption and address the issues in Mexico. Because while protests are held in America against businesses in America, not only do they hurt their own cause, they also give cover to the corruption in Mexico. If they were to protest the corruption in Mexico and press for change there, they would gain a much larger base of allies, me included.

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