April 30, 2006

60 Minutes Debunks The Da Vinci Code. The Priory of Sion is a Hoax!

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Da Hoax 60 Minutes did something so good tonight, that it really makes up for some of their past terrible pieces of reporting. They totally debunked a key so-called “fact” in Dan Brown’s book The Da Vinci Code. Ed Bradley ran point on this piece and totally ripped the whole “Priory Of Sion” theory to pieces. It was made up by a con man. And the priest who supposedly used those documents to find “treasure” was nothing but a fraud too.

If you missed the piece on 60 Minutes tonight, you can read a text report and see some of the video here. That video is not the complete report. Ed Bradley also did an online video piece here, that offers some of the details mentioned in the report.

So far Dan Brown has no comment. Henry Lincoln, who has pretty much made a living off making people believe the Priory Of Sion actually exists says:

“I am not a na?ve innocent who was hoaxed by Monsieur Plantard and Cherisey. No, I am a very, very careful researcher,” says Lincoln.

Of course he has to say that. Otherwise the hoax that he’s made some nice money off of will go up in smoke!

It was very nice and refreshing to see 60 Minutes do a piece like this.

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