April 30, 2006

Jobs Americans Won’t Do or are Americans Overlooked?

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It seems that when an American goes out with the illegals looking for work that they are denied employment.

U.S. citizen can?t seem to get hired for day labor

Physically, he?s bigger than many of the laborers who compete for work. And obviously, there?s no language issue. You?d think those would be selling points. ?I get overlooked,? he told me. ?All the time. I?m not upset with the amigos. They?re nice guys. But I work just as hard,if not harder, than they do. Yeah, it hurts me because I?m a legalized citizen.?

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3 Responses to “Jobs Americans Won’t Do or are Americans Overlooked?”

  1. tburnham23 Says:

    Just this weekend I did one of those “jobs Americans won’t do”… I washed and waxed my car- A proud daily reader of IC

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    Thanks for reading tburnham23 🙂 .

  3. Independent Conservative Says:

    Blacks Are Getting Fed Up With Illegal Aliens!

    Ahhhh… Black people are stepping up and speaking out against illegal immigration. For a while I didn’t know if I was simply one of a few voices in brown skin speaking out about this issue. But it seems there are others and the numbers a…

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