April 30, 2006

Cynthia McKinney’s New Conspiracy Theories

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Sometimes one nut is full of so much insanity, that as a blogger I must question if I should even make a post out of their statements. And although it loathes me to post it, I have to expose this latest insanity from the mouth of the US Congresswoman from Georgia’s 4th Congressional district, Cynthia McKinney. It’s so insane I almost want to laugh instead of type!

Now she’s claiming that the issue of illegal immigration is a GOP stunt and that about 6,000 troops have died in Iraq, instead of about 2,400 as reported by the Associated Press.

McKinney: immigration ‘hyped’, Iraq undercounted

ATLANTA, April 24, 2006, 11:30 a.m. – U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney says Republicans have “hyped” immigration in America into “the hate issue du jour.”

?I believe immigration issues are being hyped because these are people of color,” said McKinney, who represents one of the most diverse congressional Districts in the country. “If you can hate up on people of color, gay, lesbian, homosexual, it widens the GOP base.?

In a wide-ranging interview, McKinney also questioned government statistics on how many American soldiers have died in Iraq.

She told Redding News Review, and a small group of journalists, the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq is closer to that of 6,000 dead – not the roughly 2,391 tallied by an Associated Press count.

McKinney went on to say that the number of dead U.S. soldiers provided to the media are actually three times less than what has truly occurred. According to what McKinney referred to as ?soon-to-be whistleblowers,? the total is closer to that of 6,000 dead.

As I have pointed out here time after time after time, it is not the GOP that has made illegal immigration an issue. In fact, they’ve been trying to avoid the issue and grant amnesty! It is the American people that have made illegal immigration an issue. The complaints from ordinary Americans are why many House members voted for HR 4437, but the posturing of the GOP and DNC is what resulted in it being gutted in the US Senate. And given we know illegal immigration has a terrible effect on the job prospects of lower wage Blacks, one would think that McKinney might care about the issue as well. Given lower wage earning Blacks are a significant portion of her voting base. (I know Dekalb County, GA is not a poor county, but we all know McKinney’s strongest supporters are often lower wage earning Blacks, so she should consider them.) It’s interesting how she can always speak about lower wage Blacks when it suits her own political interests.

She also mentions some ?soon-to-be whistleblowers? will reveal that about 6,000 US troops have died in Iraq. I will always say, that I thought during the first year of combat that at least 10,000 of our brave soldiers would be lost. But all reports have shown the number is currently at about 2,400. Where will these people come from who claim the number is 6,000? Maybe the moon, where this moonbat gets all her other nutty ideas! And even if these ?soon-to-be whistleblowers? come forward, their credibility is already in jeopardy, by simply being mentioned by her.

3 Responses to “Cynthia McKinney’s New Conspiracy Theories”

  1. tburnham23 Says:

    Yet another self-loathing tidbit from Cynthia. Everytime I drive past her parkway I think to myself, “If this lady is in Congress…” Just got my voters reg card and I’m in her district. Won’t be a tough choice but it seems like many conservatives have just given up on this cong district.

  2. rightonpeachtree Says:

    She says that she’s always speaking “truth to power”. Ironically, she speaks very little truth and has pretty much no power.

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