April 17, 2006

Race Baiters at Duke Playing Off Each Other

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Read this and see if you can spot all the instances of race bait.

Community rallies to pray for healing in Duke lacrosse case

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) ? More than 100 people gathered for a prayer rally Sunday in front of the house where a woman claims she was sexually assaulted by members of the Duke University men’s lacrosse team.

The case has inflamed racial tensions in this diverse community. But while most in the audience were black, Bishop John Bennett of the Church of the Apostolic Revival International said the gathering was more about healing for the entire community.

“This is not a racial protest,” Bennett told the crowd, which included people sitting on the stone wall across Buchanan Boulevard that lines Duke’s East Campus. “It should not be a question of ‘Where are the Afro-American churches?’ The question should be, ‘Where are the Christians?'”

Bennett criticized authorities for failing to make an arrest nearly a month into the case, describing a cry from the house that “has not been answered.” The rally also included prayers for the alleged victim and the accused by members of Bennett’s church.

Bennett also said he received a phone message this week from a caller who used racial epithets and criticized his support of the accuser. Bennett played the message for the crowd, then told them, “We have to pray for him, too.”

It marked the second straight Sunday that community members held a rally in front of the house, and it came on the same day that Durham police said more than 500 racist fliers were delivered to homes across the city.

The material was bundled up and placed in a plastic bag like a newspaper, and contained about 10 pages of cartoons and other material attacking blacks, Jews and illegal immigrants, Durham police Cpl. Scott Baker said.

Baker said it didn’t appear to have threatening material and authorities were investigating whether it qualified as a hate crime or free speech. He also said the material had no apparent connection to the Duke lacrosse case.

This is a classic case of 2 sets of race baiters playing on each other.

The minister who claims no racial bias is totally siding with the stripper. While he claims “healing”. He’s calling for arrests when there is no solid evidence and DNA tests came back with no match. Where was this minister when Jenna Clayton, a White woman in Durham was killed by a Black man? He claims healing, but lets be honest. Me being a Black man who’s gone to majority Black churches my entire life, I know and he knows it’s race bait and he’s only out there because the person crying is a Black woman. His selective use of “community outreach” falls totally on racial lines. Given we know more Blacks commit crimes against Whites, I expect the good Bishop John Bennett to be on the scene the next time a Black person commits a terrible crime against a White in Durham. (Don’t hold your breath waiting for him to show up!)

Then there are the White racists sending out fliers with total racial hatred. They are the bigger of the idiots in this matter. Because they are not some group expressing empathy for someone based on race. They are expressing full racial superiority and are not just race-baiters, but all out hateful racists.

The Black minister’s own bias feeds off the racial hatred from the White racists (calls and fliers) and it keeps him doing what he’s doing. He now feels he’s fighting an enemy and victory over the racists will come with the conviction of one or more of those White Duke Lacrosse players. When his grandstanding in light of weak evidence is just causing division.

The White racists are feeding off the Black minister stirring up issues of race, no matter how much he claims otherwise. So the White racists try to find more racist idiots to help with their efforts. They know the grandstanding by the Blacks that favor the stripper is causing some Whites to feel less cozy with their Black neighbors.

For any Blacks and Whites that enjoy race bait, this is prime fertile ground. The people grandstanding and those making calls and sending fliers are all pouring fuel on the fire. Which means weaker minded individuals who were thinking about their taxes might now start dining on the race bait themselves.

Of course if the Blacks all stayed quiet while the evidence was reviewed, then the White racists would have less of a draw to contrast their views with. In Colorado during the Kobe Bryant trial White racists did the same thing, but without any Blacks there screaming “racism” the area was able to quickly denounce the White racists and move on. It was such a quick blip during the whole case, that most people probably never heard about it. Which means the White racists got far less attention.

All parties in this are expressing free speech. Racists being racist is not a “hate crime”. Their fliers do not call anyone to commit a crime and people should be free to be hateful idiots.

I think the “healing” will begin once people decide to simply go home.

Hat tip to Expose the Left.

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