April 13, 2006

The Effect of Illegal Immigration on Employment Opportunities for Blacks

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Well the short version is that illegal immigration is hurting Blacks in low wage jobs big time. So-called Black leaders are supporting illegals getting amnesty and even Liberal Black elected officials are supporting illegals getting amnesty, because the Almighty Democratic Party says so.

And now the details. (This is a longer post than usual, but I would not have made it if I did not feel all the information was worth your time.)

Pacific News Service is a far left news source “founded in 1969 as an alternative source of news and analysis on the U.S. role in Vietnam”. They ran a copy of a report that offers clear evidence that illegal immigration is kicking many Blacks’ opportunities for advancement in the butt! The article originally came from the The Philadelphia Tribune, a newspaper that labels it’s self with the slogan “The Voice of the African-American Community”.

Are Undocumented Immigrants Taking Jobs from Blacks?

News Report, M.L. Ingram,
NNPA from the Philadelphia Tribune , Apr 10, 2006
PHILADELPHIA (NNPA) ? For Blacks and Latinos, destinies in securing a place in America have been, in many ways, intertwined. But that view may unravel, as current trends show a wave of illegal immigration has helped push Blacks down the hole, instead of out of it.

In spite of published reports indicating increases in jobs and decreases in unemployment levels, Blacks are still struggling. With the nationwide unemployment rate dropping from February?s rating of 4.8 percent, the number for Black unemployment, skilled or unskilled, remained at a cumulative 9.3 percent.

Bernard Anderson, professor of economics at the University of Pennsylvania, said numbers such as these should sound some kind of alarm.

?In the midst of a very conservative trend, jobs are up, but opportunities for Blacks are diminishing,? said Anderson. ?Employment of illegal immigrants has made a significant dent in the nation?s population. Because of this, African-American leadership, for the most part, is silent and conflicted on this matter.?

So Blacks are not doing well in a new economic boom. And here I could say something about Blacks’ alarming high school drop out rate, but many illegals have less education than an American high school drop out. So for low level jobs I can’t say the issue is education, although education is an issue overall. Also, some might say that maybe more Blacks are not looking for work and collecting social services, but you don’t get calculated into the unemployment rate if you’re not looking for work. Some might claim racism is the issue, but many illegal immigrants are not of the race of their employers here in America. So there is nothing left but the fact that illegal immigrants are hurting Blacks’ opportunities for employment.

The article mentions that those who claim to speak up for Blacks are silent, but I will show what they are actually saying later in this post.

According to numbers gathered by the Pew Research Center, more than 11 million illegal immigrants lived in America in 2005, a 185 percent rise from more than a generation ago.

The origins of where they come from point to primarily Spanish-speaking countries. Seventy-eight percent of illegal immigrants come from Latin America, and 56 percent of them are Mexicans living full-time in America.

Now we know that the folks marching for illegals to get amnesty are trying to paint all immigrants as the same. Well research is showing that all the immigrants regardless of their status are kicking Blacks in the butt.

Professor George Borjas, an economist from Harvard, did research that showed whether legally or illegally, working immigrants reduced wages of American-born citizens over the last 25 years.

I’m at all against legal immigration. Just sharing the facts.

These numbers don?t bode well for Blacks, according to African-American Chamber of Commerce chairman A. Bruce Crawley. In a statement, Crawley spoke out against Philadelphia City Councilman Jim Kenney?s immigration bill.

?The Center for Immigration Studies, through a Census Bureau derived report concluded any negative effect from immigration will fall on the 26 million native-born workers in the U.S. who already have the lowest wages and highest unemployment,? said Crawley.

?Additional data states 40 percent of native-born Blacks work in high-immigrant occupations ? cleaning, food preparation, manufacturing and transportation ? this, in comparison to 22.9 percent of whites in the same fields.

?So, without question, Blacks are much more likely to be affected by any decline in wages or benefits resulting from immigrant-induced increase in the labor force.?

OK, so I hope it’s crystal clear to everyone that illegal immigration is kicking lower wage Blacks in the butt. Yes it’s kicking every lower wage American in the butt, but it seems Blacks are being kicked hardest. And yes all tax paying Americans are being kicked in the butt by having to fund social services for illegals.

Sure there is racism in America, but is hiring illegals “racist”?

?Arguably the most racist policy in this country for the past quarter century has been that of immigration,? Anderson said. ?An onslaught of poorly educated, mostly Hispanic immigrants has severely hindered attempts of African-Americans to climb up the economic ladder.

Liberals who use the “end result” method for determining racism feel that anything where one group does not do as well is racist. But the fact is that illegals are being hired because they underbid everyone else for work. And there are some racists that would rather hire an illegal over a Black person simply because of race. But regardless of who may be a racist, illegals take job opportunities out of the pool of available jobs. (A racist employer might consider hiring a Black if they did not have so many illegals to pick from. Which might help end that employer’s racist view of Blacks if the Black employee does well.) That leaves all Americans at a loss and hurts the lowest skilled of Americans the most.

We all know Democrats are playing heavily to illegals. And we all also know that Blacks often vote for Democrats. Which means this is yet another example of Blacks voting for a party that does not work in their best interests.

?Blacks overwhelmingly vote for the Democrats, while the Democrats have strongly supported massive Hispanic immigration that harms Black folks economically. Democrats correctly perceive Hispanics as mostly expanding the lower class and therefore see most Hispanics as future Democrats; but Democrats are willing to sacrifice Black interests in order to ensure future Democratic Party majorities, believing Blacks will remain loyal.

If Democrats can keep illegals rolling in, then employers keep wages low and Democrats maintain a strong base of support for their social programs.

?Therefore the Democrats care far more about winning elections than helping the poor people we already have.? Anderson said there is a sinister consistency in how immigration plays out when it comes to Blacks vis-?-vis the current number of illegal immigrants.

?The labor market theory infers that without this high number of immigrants in the country, employers would have to pay higher salaries and offer basic benefits.

They claim to be helping poor Mexicans, but their actions will keep some of America’s poor in poverty at the same time. In poverty, wanting social programs and voting for Democrats.

Now what is all this doing for the Latinos that come here seeking a pay raise?

A new study from the Pew Hispanic Center reports salaries among Latinos have fallen for the last two years ? in large part due to more than 850,000 new illegal immigrants entering the country each year.

Latinos’ efforts to reward illegals only end up shooting themselves in the foot. Over time they only speed up the race to the bottom. Even if illegals were granted citizenship, employers would simply find cheaper workers in a new round of illegals if their currently illegal employees demand more money. Even if wages went up overall from them becoming citizens, that would only be true for people who are able to maintain employment in a pool of illegals. Bottom line, charity should be given to Mexicans in Mexico, but bringing them to the USA illegally is tearing this nation down and will inhibit Americans’ ability to help anyone else including themselves.

Hat tip Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member.

What so-call Black Leaders and Black Liberal representatives are saying

So what are the so-called Black Leaders and Black Liberal elected officials saying? Well everyone recalls when Congressional Black Caucus member Maxine Waters had a fit about illegals causing crime in her district. Yea Conservatives really thought they might have a new ally then. But surprise, Maxine Waters is all about granting amnesty to illegals. Check out what she had to say recently on NPR in an interview with Ed Gordon. (She almost sounds just like President George W. Bush on this issue.) Like other Liberals (and our President), she’s working to help the illegals. And her voting district has more Latino voters than in times past. So she’s playing to a new voting base. Have a look at how Senator Barack Obama and the NAACP are also helping illegals. Yes some people assume that Black representatives make an attempt to work in the best interest of Blacks. But that is not true. A Black elected official is just like any other politician. This is another reason why I feel things like the “max Black” voting provision in the Voting Rights Act should be allowed to expire. Because all Blacks are not alike, should not be treated as such and representatives with a race-locked voting district don’t work in the best interest of their voters. They only play on enough emotion to remain in office.

What about Blacks in Mexico?

While I’ve spent a lot of time on how illegals impact opportunities for some Blacks in this post, I need to also point out how Blacks are living South of the Border. Because I’ve been there myself and read plenty about it, I can say that Blacks there are doing worse than others. And the disparity is far worse than anything I’ve seen in America.

Excerpt from: black Mexican

Because their existence is not widely known throughout Mexico and the rest of the world, they are often assumed to be illegal immigrants from elsewhere in Latin America (Sailer, 2002). There have been many accounts of Afromestizos being pulled over by the police and being forced to sing the Mexican national anthem to prove they are Mexican (Graves, 2004). This discrimination causes many Afro Mexicans, if they are able, to conceal their African lineage.


Excerpt from: Africa’s Legacy in Mexico – Mexico’s Third Root

Compounding the difficulty is the fact that the African elements in Mexico’s culture are not acknowledged as they are in other countries of the Americas. In fact, “el mestizaje,” the official ideology that defines Mexico’s culture as a blend of European and indigenous influences, completely ignores the contributions of the nation’s “third root.” Africans and their descendants, nearly invisible in the Spanish chronicles of the colonial period, continue to receive little attention in the official history of Mexico. So it is no surprise that blacks, who live primarily in poor, rural areas where the level of education is very low, lack a clear consciousness of their African heritage.

Oh yea, it looks like the land the illegals are coming from is a real melting pot of racial unity 🙄 . As Condoleezza Rice has mentioned, no nation she’s visited to meet with business leaders has the diversity of leadership found in America. So the illegals coming over America’s borders are going to suddenly have a desire to consider the interests of Blacks?

Personally, I don’t see the land where illegals come from caring much about Blacks and illegals coming here is doing nothing positive for Blacks. So I will continue to wonder why the heck Blacks support so-called leaders that cater to these illegals.

If the illegals are having issues in their native land, then they should take up those issues with their government there. And any aid Americans wish to give should be donated there. They should not be allowed to violate the laws of a neighboring sovereign nation and then be catered to, as a reward for breaking the law. They are having a negative impact on America’s poorest who are seeking work and draining services that usually would go to poor legal Americans. Just the prospect of illegals getting amnesty is causing a surge in illegals crossing our borders right now. There is no way any nation can sustain this. Illegals should be kept on the other side of the border to address their grievances with their own government. Anyone allowed into the USA should only be accepted via the same immigration policies used for people who wish to enter from other parts of the world.

7 Responses to “The Effect of Illegal Immigration on Employment Opportunities for Blacks”

  1. Ron_B Says:

    NOW is the time for ECONOMIC EXPANSION within the Black community. There are estimates that the US population will grow to 400 MILLION by 2050.

    There will be continued expansion of settlement into rural areas. Ring cities will become urban.

    It is time for our culture and our educational system to teach our students a different mindset in which we can take advantage of this natural growth and be positioned as OWNERS rather than JUST workers.

    This is not just rhetoric. It is a call for more STRATEGIC PLANNING and operating as if we have more control of our own destiny rather than dealing with what we have been handed.

    The current trajectory that we are riding on has me to believe that years from now the mass belief among Blacks will be “Yet again some other group has come in and stepped in front of us. We are again at the bottom of the barrel”.

    This does not prove the superiority of these other people. This proves the lack of a plan to have anything different on our end.

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    I agree that there are opportunities available for people to capitalize on. However, when speaking in terms of people who have already put themselves in a position of being under-educated and an adult with whatever responsibilities they’ve made for themselves. It’s going to be much harder for them to try and do better for themselves if they have a harder time finding a low wage job.

    Of course Blacks in particular need to be doing better in terms of education and other matters. But that was not the focus of this particular post. Just the effects illegal immigration are having and will have.

    We can talk about what Blacks “need to do”, but bottom line is that enough has not been done and projections for the future don’t look good for those who are already behind. Americans who are already behind should not have to watch potential opportunities for them going to illegal aliens. Legal poor Americans having to lose out to illegals is just backwards and insane.

  3. Pajamas Media Says:

    ‘You don’t speak for me’

    With the the May 1 illegal immigrants boycott approaching–a boycott of jobs, schools and business (‘Nothing Gringo’ Day to some)–another group plans to make its collective voice heard on the subject. This group is planning a press conference on the…

  4. Independent Conservative Says:

    Jobs Americans Won’t Do or are Americans Overlooked?

    It seems that when an American goes out with the illegals looking for work that they are denied employment.

    U.S. citizen can’t seem to get hired for day labor

    Physically, he’s bigger than many of the laborers who compete for work. …

  5. Independent Conservative Says:

    Blacks Are Getting Fed Up With Illegal Aliens!

    Ahhhh… Black people are stepping up and speaking out against illegal immigration. For a while I didn’t know if I was simply one of a few voices in brown skin speaking out about this issue. But it seems there are others and the numbers a…

  6. Independent Conservative Says:

    I Told You Latinos Bring in a Negative View of Blacks With Them From South of the Border!

    I could just throw my chair out the window over this!
    I mentioned in this prior post:

    The Effect of Illegal Immigration on Employment Opportunities for Blacks

    Personally, I don’t see the land where illegals come from caring much abo…

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