April 3, 2006

Abortion and New York City’s Declining Black Population

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Today the NY Times is running a report about New York City’s declining Black population. (Decline in the number of Black native born Americans.) The article covers various angles regarding the cause of this population decline. But they neglect to discuss one factor, baby killing in NYC by Blacks is the highest in the entire nation!

New York City Losing Blacks, Census Shows

An accelerating exodus of American-born blacks, coupled with slight declines in birthrates and a slowing influx of Caribbean and African immigrants, have produced a decline in New York City’s black population for the first time since the draft riots during the Civil War, according to preliminary census estimates.

An analysis of the latest figures, which show the city with 30,000 fewer black residents in 2004 than in 2000, also revealed stark contrasts in the migration patterns of blacks and whites.

The decline is the first since White mobs attacked Blacks in 1863, that were trying to serve their country in the military. The Riots of 1863 is a great history lesson. Especially for Liberals who cry for slave reparations. Because in NYC like other parts of the nation, after slavery Blacks were being given plenty to try and help them become upwardly mobile. Unfortunately in NYC some Whites (many were pro-slavery Democrats) could not stand seeing Blacks being given anything and responded with violent force. These same rioters saw the Civil War as a “nigger war” anyway, so they were already on edge. You can read more about the New York City Draft Riots of 1863 here.

Now back to the matter of the declining Black population in New York City. Available CDC data shows that in 2000 over 94,000 babies were killed in the womb in New York City. Of that number 49.3% of those babies were in the wombs of Black mothers. In 2000, 46,595 Black mothers had their babies killed in New York City. That is the highest total number of Black babies killed in any part of the United States! So NYC being the hot bed of Liberalism that it is, is also the hot bed for Black baby killing and NYC leads all other parts of the nation in the total number of babies killed overall. Regarding the 46,595 Black babies, that is about 127 Black babies killed daily. Of the total 94,466 for all babies killed in NYC in 2000, about 258 a day.

The NY Times article mentions 30,000 fewer Blacks in 2004 than 2000. Over 50% more than that number of Black babies were killed in 2000 alone. This is a startling factor in the city’s population decline, that the NY Times should have considered exploring thoroughly. Oh, but this is the Liberal NY Times. They would not want Black people to know that killing themselves is causing their population to decline in the city faster than anything else.

The article does mention how Blacks are leaving for various quality of life issues. Which makes sense. Also mentioned in the article is that people who are less educated and poor are the main ones leaving, while others are moving into NYC. This shows that people who take education for granted will have to always make more adjustments for their choice. While others who made the most of education will always be able to make the most of available opportunities anywhere in the country.

In closing I have to ask, via what means other than abortion can almost 50,000 Blacks end up in dumpsters in NYC in a year and there not be a massive outcry of protest?

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  1. ProLifeBlogs Says:

    Population Decline Related to Abortion

    The Independent Conservative has a startling commentary on the reported decline of New York’s Black population. A New York Times article covers various contributing factors but failed to consider the dominant role of abortion:Available CDC data shows …

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