March 9, 2006

NAACP Chairman Goes After a Minister for Exposing a Gay “Advocacy” Group That Targets Children

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One thing Americans have always strived to do is protect youth from potentially dangerous situations. For example, what parent would knowingly allow their teenaged child to hang out at gay bars? Even a parent with a child that is having issues would never want their child in such an environment. This is exactly the kind of thing people like the Reverend DL Foster have been fighting. Via his blog, he has exposed gay “advocacy” indoctrination groups like the Richmond Organization for Sexual Minority Youth (ROSMY). He has presented solid proof that ROSMY and other groups are actually paying teenagers to go to gay clubs.

Reverend Foster is a minister of the gospel, who overcame the sin of homosexuality by allowing Jesus to deliver him from that immorality. His mission has been to show others who have similar issues, that Jesus can deliver them from such a sinful lifestyle and give them everlasting life. For this he is continually attacked. When he exposes groups that claim to be doing noble work, but are actually fronts for actions far more sinister. He gets attacked even worse!

Some of his efforts to expose ROSMY have even caused them to make major changes to their web site. What is there now is much cleaner, because Reverend Foster has been exposing them to the world. So they have taken a much more cooler approached. They claim to stand by people between the ages of 14-20 years old. They claim to help people who are unsure of their “sexual orientation”, but they don’t seem to offer anything to encourage a straight lifestyle. As the letter in the first link of this post proves, ROSMY is really all about gay lifestyle indoctrination, for anyone who may look to them instead of a good church for help. And they offer an environment for people who already have selected an immoral lifestyle, that does nothing to help them spiritually. It only helps to keep them in the bondage of sin.

Recently, Reverend Foster received a letter from NAACP Chairman Julian Bond. Given Reverend Foster’s efforts to help people “advance” from sin, do you think the letter was one congratulating the Reverend (who has never been an NAACP member) for his efforts? Nope! It was a letter that claims Reverend Foster is making “unjust allegations”. Why is the Chairman of the NAACP running to the defense of a gay advocacy group? Mr. Bond claims the group does not have the money to “fight” for themselves. Does this mean Julian Bond is planning to use the might of the NAACP to go after Reverend Foster? (He sent the letter on official NAACP letterhead.) You can be the judge. In this post by Reverend Foster, he mentions the letter and has links to the MANY TIMES he has exposed ROSMY, with proof to back it up. And here he posts the actual text of the letter from NAACP Chairman Julian Bond.

Reverend Foster is a blogger who has done what the MSM fails to do. Expose the actions of a Far Left group that claims to do some form of good. It is the kind of group that leverages playing up AIDS above all other more deadly diseases. In order to keep funding for their efforts, which are not always what they appear to be on the surface. Why is the NAACP going after a Black minister, that is helping people avoid scams of the spirit? Maybe the NAACP wants some of that money themselves? Whatever the NAACP’s motivations, I think some of their members would be surprised to see what their chairman is doing. As I’ve mentioned before Julian Bond has a history that includes allegations of drug abuse and he has run from drug tests. I don’t know if Mr. Bond is currently under the bondage of drugs, but he should not stand in the way of a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, that is trying to help people caught in a different type of bondage.

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update (3/10/2006 9:47AM ET):
Reverend Foster has posted a letter he sent to Julian Bond in response.

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    Reverend Fights ROSMY–Attacked by NAACP

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