February 15, 2006

Islamic Radical Riots Over Muhammad Cartoons Comes Stateside!

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Michelle Malkin is facing cyber-attacks and she is getting death threats.

I don’t think the radicals are going to win over any more converts to Islam with this activity.

This is just more proof that we’ve got to kill them or they will eventually kill us! We don’t want Michelle to end up with the list of writers and artists who have been killed because they upset Islamic Radicals’ little feelings.

I’ve said it before and will say it again Muhammad is not the prophet of God and Jesus is the way to true salvation.

If groups like CAIR are really against the radicals, I invite them to stand against these threats on the life of Michelle Malkin! Prove to us that you are not an ally of the radicals.

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2 Responses to “Islamic Radical Riots Over Muhammad Cartoons Comes Stateside!”

  1. Tel-Chai Nation Says:

    Scimitars attack the internet

    Michelle Malkin reports that Islamic computer hackers have been trying to attack free speech on the internet, in revenge for publishing the Mohammed cartoons, and have even tried to target her own website as well.

  2. AirborneVet Says:

    Keep the pictures up! Don’t take them down! U ahev one on my site and a link to all twelve. Let freedom ring!

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