January 24, 2006

Yes With Abortion We Must Consider the Health of the Mother!

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The popular argument from Liberals who want to fight every effort to limit abortions, is that whatever proposed limit does not take the health of the mother into consideration. I find this rebuttal from the Left to be probably their most disingenuous and hypocritical response. Of course when they advocate anyone being allowed to kill their own baby in the womb it ignores the life and health of the child. They also ignore the calculated risk in having an abortion versus not having one at all. In this particular post I’m going to focus primarily on the health of the mother. The risk to the child is obvious – DEATH.

As I’ve pointed out in a prior post (when guest blogging at LBC), the claims of health risk from not having an abortion have little and in many modern cases no foundation in fact. If we want to calculate health risks, there are far greater risks in a woman having an abortion, than the risks today of a woman taking a pregnancy full term to delivery.

Here are some of those risk. (Check out the link for more details.)

Post-Abortion Problems: Procedural Risks & Complications

Immediate and short-term risks:

Infection. The damage can be mild or fatal.

Perforation of uterus. During suction, D&C and D&E abortions, the abortionist is operating blindly, by sense of feel. If he manipulates the surgical instrument too easily or too forcibly, he can puncture the woman’s uterus and even her bladder or bowel.

Failure to extract all “products of conception.” Specifically, if a limb or skull is left in the uterus, severe infection may result, causing severe cramping and bleeding. If infection becomes too advanced or is persistent, a hysterectomy–or removal of the womb–will be necessary.

Embolisms. An embolism is an obstruction of a blood vessel by a foreign substance such as air, fat, tissue, or blood clot. Childbirth is a normal process, and the body is well prepared for the birth of the child and the separation and expulsion of the placenta. Surgical abortion is an abnormal process and slices the unripe placenta from the wall of the uterus into which its roots have grown. This sometimes causes the fluid around the baby, or other pieces of tissue or blood clots, to be forced into the mother’s circulation. These then travel to her lungs, causing damage and occasionally death. (W. Cates et al., American Journal OB/GYN, vol. 132, p. 16

Bleeding (hemorrhaging). Some women need blood transfusions after an abortion.

Anesthetic complications. Due to the rich blood supply around the uterus during pregnancy, local and general anesthesia during abortions is risky.

Other complications. In a D&E, abortionists have been known to mistakenly grab a woman’s uterus with the forceps and pull it inside out. In a few recorded cases involving suction-aspiration abortions, abortionists have inadvertently sucked out several feet of the mother’s intestines in a matter of seconds.

Death. We often hear of the “thousands” of women who died each year in the United States before abortion became legal in 1973. The fact is that in the entire year of 1972, only 39 women died from illegal abortions. (US Dept. of Health and Human Services)

Today, women do die from legal abortions. For example, the pro-abortion Chicago Suns Times ran a multi-issue expose in 1978. They discovered 12 mothers who had died from abortions. The deaths had previously gone unreported. They also reported abortions being done on non-pregnant women as well as some being performed by incompetent medical persons in unsterile conditions. (Wilke’s book p.102-103) It is possible that only 5-10% of all deaths resulting from legal abortion are reported as abortion related. (John Ankerberg and John Weldon. When Does Life Begin. Brentwood, TN: Wolgemuth and Hyatt, Publishers (1989) p 58).

Long-Range Risks:

Ectopic pregnancies. If the scar tissue covers the openings from the fallopian tube to the uterus only partially, then the sperm will be able to reach the egg in the tube.

Sterility. Because of such early complications as infections after an abortion, the uterus is often scarred.

Cervical incompetence. After infection, damage to the cervix is the next leading cause of post-abortion reproductive problems.

Increased risk of breast cancer. Because of the rapid growth of breast tissue in early pregnancy, a forced (as opposed to the natural cessation of pregnancy caused by miscarriage) premature cessation of pregnancy creates an unnatural condition.

Some claim abortion is safer, but don’t fall for the fuzzy math!

But isn?t abortion safer than childbirth?

To compare comparable risks, one would have to compare the risk of being pregnant in the first three months with the risk of having an abortion within the first three months. When compared in this fashion, abortion is many times more dangerous. Actually, it is probable that induced abortion is more dangerous than carrying a baby to term.

Now given all the abortions over the last 33 years, who has experienced the most problems because of them?

L.E.A.R.N. – The Hidden Part – A Journey of Healing from Abortion.

African-American women are at higher risk for complications following abortions. We have higher rates of infection, hemorrhage, miscarriage, difficulty conceiving in future pregnancies, and sterility. Breast cancer among women has also seen a precipitous rise over the past few years. There have been numerous studies that have noted a correlation between abortion and breast cancer. Of course, the rates of breast cancer, like many other illnesses, are higher for Black women than White.

Here are some news stories that Planned Parenthood does not want you to see.

So if we are going to base this “choice” on health. Then the obvious decision is to allow a natural process to finish its course, by allowing a pregnancy to go full term. Not to have a doctor perform barbaric surgery, that kills the baby and leaves women with internal physical and mental scars. Given the issues surrounding health alone, states should be allowed to ban the practice of abortion.

Of course their were plenty of pro-life rallies to mark the 33rd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision by the US Supreme Court. Michelle Malkin is covering what the MSM won’t show of those events, where Christians faced down some Satan inspired counter-protesters.

update (1/24/2006 9:12PM ET):
The Right Spin list several Bible versus that prove no Christian should feel God is “pro-choice”. As Kevin D mentions, there is no Bible verse that says “Thou shalt not commit abortion”. No such verse exists because an act such as abortion was an obvious act of murder when the scriptures were written.

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