January 18, 2006

Ray Nagin Ducks an Interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper

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You can check out the video over at The Political Teen. I must say, that I am very surprised that New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin would continually duck interviews with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. It was Anderson Cooper who did the most in depth investigation of the Gretna bridge incident. Maybe Mayor Nagin is ashamed, that he did not adequately execute the city’s evacuation plan. Which is partly the reason why people were running over that bridge in the first place. (Not to mention the individuals’ own lack of personal preparedness to evacuate on their own as they were told to do.)

Oh well Mayor, you can run, but the ?chocolate? trail follows you. And avoiding interviews does not help clean it up.

update (1/18/2006 6:18PM ET):
Alex Forrest’s Blog has the transcript, which includes a little more of the conversation. It’s pretty funny stuff 🙂 .

One Response to “Ray Nagin Ducks an Interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper”

  1. JimU Says:

    It would seem that Ray Nagin believes he’s above us all, and doen’t mind offending everyone. I don’t care what the color of your skin is, but referring to Americans with an African heritage as “chocolate” is just plain WRONG!

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