January 14, 2006

Plant methane findings shoot a hole into environmentalists’ argument for more rain forests!

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New studies are going beyond old environmentalists’ assumptions, that more rain forest are needed to combat “global warming”. Before this research, everyone bought into thoughts that trees simply could not be making large amounts of methane. But now there is proof that trees and plants make methane, plus rain forests are producing lots of it. Accounting for much more of the “green house gases” that environmentalists have pressed everyone to fear.

Plants revealed as methane source

Scientists in Germany have discovered that ordinary plants produce significant amounts of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas which helps trap the sun’s energy in the atmosphere.

The BBC News website has learned that a study soon to be published in another scientific journal reports high levels of methane in measurements taken in the Brazilian Amazon, an observation that contradicts conventional explanations for how the gas is produced.

In part that article cites the findings of the journal Nature. These same “green house gases” are being emitted from cows.

Findings are also showing that on hotter days some plants produce more of the “green house gas” CO2 than they take in:

Heatwave makes plants warm planet

A new study shows that during the 2003 heatwave, European plants produced more carbon dioxide than they absorbed from the atmosphere.

Efforts like the Kyoto Protocol, which is supposed to help reduce these gases, may actually be doing just the opposite:

Trade can ‘export’ CO2 emissions

The researchers say emissions control measures such as the Kyoto Protocol could “export” carbon-intensive industries to the developing world.

This has long been a contention raised by critics of the Protocol.

In a briefing just before the UN climate negotiations in Montreal, President Bush’s chief environmental advisor James Connaughton told reporters that setting targets for emissions may “…cause a shift offshore of some energy-intensive industries.

“This probably equates to a net increase in greenhouse gas emissions, as it’s a shift to countries which are probably less efficient than the US,” he said.

Nations like China are not bound to the same restrictions as the USA would have been bound to if Bush would have been stupid enough to sign onto the Kyoto Protocol. The USA trades with Communist China because of price concerns, while other nations trying to follow the Kyoto Protocol will increase trade with China to supposedly reduce their own production of “green house gases”.

All the while, the fact still remains, that the sun is causing climate change. And despite all these claims of man making more “green house gases” and causing an increase in temperatures, nature’s overwhelming influence is ignored.

Global Warming Natural, May End Within 20 Years, Says Ohio State University Researcher

The researcher suggests that atmospheric carbon dioxide — often thought of as a key “greenhouse gas” — is not the cause of global warming. The opposite is most likely to be true, according to Robert Essenhigh, E.G. Bailey Professor of Energy Conservation in Ohio State’s Department of Mechanical Engineering. It is the rising global temperatures that are naturally increasing the levels of carbon dioxide, not the other way around, he says.

“Many scientists who have tried to mathematically determine the relationship between carbon dioxide and global temperature would appear to have vastly underestimated the significance of water in the atmosphere as a radiation-absorbing gas,” Essenhigh argues. “If you ignore the water, you’re going to get the wrong answer.”

How could so many scientists miss out on this critical bit of information, as Essenhigh believes? He said a National Academy of Sciences report on carbon dioxide levels that was published in 1977 omitted information about water as a gas and identified it only as vapor, which means condensed water or cloud, which is at a much lower concentration in the atmosphere; and most subsequent investigations into this area evidently have built upon the pattern of that report.

The bottom line is that the earth (and our universe) has it’s own natural cycles and man’s influence is having a much lower impact than nutty environmentalists would have anyone ever believe. Because the true environmentalist agenda is to trash American growth, while allowing the growth of Communist countries.

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  2. creative dude Says:

    I was under the impression that the largest cause of methane in the air were termites. Everyone in his right mind is an enviromentalist. Its just those that so loudly call themselves enviromentalists poison the word for everyone else. Was under the impression that the earth belongs to the Lord. We are merely given the task of of dressing this garden while we are here.

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