December 26, 2005

Jesus does not celebrate Kwanzaa

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One day after celebrating the birth of Christ it is sad that some people run to embrace a racially segregated “holiday”, daily straight into the New Year.

I must say, when growing up my mother and I looked into this “holiday” a bit and after attending a Kwanzaa celebration it was the last time we had much to do with it. My father never cared for it at all. After that I felt it was a good thing for some years. Just because it involved Blacks trying to help themselves. Then after learning more about the “holiday”, it’s true roots, it’s founder, my own faith, and history I realized it is a bad thing.

First lets start with the “principles” of this “holiday”. After much research I found that they are simply the founder’s Black Communist Pipe Dream. They all are based on Blacks thinking of themselves exclusively. I have realized over the years that I am an American and do not need to feel that my life must be lived in a racially segregated bubble. While it is nice for people to help one another, there is no need to feel that it must be carried out in a racially segregated manner. During the times of government enforced segregation it made perfect sense, but given Americans now are able to enjoy living together as Americans there is no need to continue such race based thinking. Sure every Black person wishes for people with our own skin tone and culture to do well, but to do so with the intentional exclusion of all others in this nation is counter to the teachings of Christ. Who came so that we would live together under him and not be biased based on race. Which is why he was able to meet the Samaritan woman at the well that most Jews would not have spoken with. Since Jews did not have much interaction with Samaritans. Also Christ’s story of the Good Samaritan was another effort on his part to show us that we should not live based on racial exclusivity. So we should not promote holidays that are racially segregated. Notice I am not saying that there is any attempt to actually replace Christmas with Kwanzaa. What I am saying, is that Kwanzaa in and of its self is counter to the teachings of Christ. Here are the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa. Each is an example of racially segregated communism.

The Official Kwanzaa web site points out that this “holiday” is not a spiritual movement, except in this sense:

Excerpt from Kwanzaa site Q&A ” 10. Can people celebrate Kwanzaa and Christmas?
Is Kwanzaa an alternative to Christmas?”

Here it is of value to note that there is a real and important difference between spirituality as a general appreciation for and commitment to the transcendent, and religion which suggests formal structures and doctrines. Kwanzaa is not a religious holiday, but a cultural one with an inherent spiritual quality as with all major African celebrations. This inherent spiritual quality is respect for the Transcendent, the Sacred, the Good, the Right. Thus, Africans of all faiths can and do celebrate Kwanzaa, i.e., Muslims, Christians, Black Hebrews, Jews, Buddhists, Bahai and Hindus as well as those who follow the ancient traditions of Maat, Yoruba, Ashanti, Dogon, etc. For what Kwanzaa offers is not an alternative to their religion or faith but a common ground of African culture which they all share and cherish. it is this common ground of culture on which they all meet, find ancient and enduring meaning and by which they are thus reaffirmed and reinforced.

While attempting to avoid any spirituality, it is noted that Kwanzaa is all about a spirit of “Blackness”. It is not about the good and right in all humanity or all Americans. It is about the good within Blacks and Blacks alone. Which is why it is mentioned that Africans are celebrating this “holiday”. Really in African nations, nobody cares about Kwanzaa.

Kwanzaa?s founder Maulana Karenga selected the Swahili language for the words used in the “principles”. This language has some interesting origins.

From A Brief History of the Swahili Language

The Swahili language, is basically of Bantu (African) origin. It has borrowed words from other languages such as Arabic probably as a result of the Swahili people using the Quran written in Arabic for spiritual guidance as Muslims.

The word “Swahili” was used by early Arab visitors to the coast and it means “the coast”. Ultimately it came to be applied to the people and the language.

While attempting to run from the so-called “White man’s language” of English, Karenga selected a language that has been influenced by Muslims, that invaded and enslaved Africans. They still enslave Africans to this day. It is the reason why conflicts still exist in nations like the Sudan. While attempting to avoid a language influenced by a nation that held Black slaves, he’s only run smack into another. Also, this was not the language spoken by the African ancestors of American Blacks. Swahili is East African and the old slave trade took place in West Africa.

You can read here about how Karenga wanted to ensure that his Black group worked exclusively with Blacks.

In the summer of 1969, the alliance between the Panthers and SNCC begins ripping apart. One of the main points of dispute is the inclusion of whites in the struggle for minority liberation, a dispute which is pushed into an open gun fight at the University of California in Los Angeles against the group US, led by Maulana Karenga, which leaves two Panthers dead.

Karenga was against working with Whites. The Black Panthers, while radical had no problem working with people of other races that were like minded radical Leftists. Karenga is also an abuser of Black women that he felt might turn against him. You simply must read this entire write-up about Karenga and his “holiday”. Karenga and his holiday are all about racial exclusion!

Here is another good write-up, that points out that Kwanzaa does actually take away from Christmas and Hanukkah. Ironically enough Hanukkah is being celebrated right now and I wish everyone a happy Hanukkah. Having researched that holiday I think it’s pretty cool. When God works a miracle it should be celebrated!

Jesse Lee Peterson’s group BOND has a good write-up about this. And I support the ?Merry Christmas!? Not ?Happy Kwanzaa!? Campaign.

La Shawn Barber has a great write-up: Kwanzaa Is for Pagans. As I have pointed out here, this “holiday’s” racially skewed view of an “inherent spiritual quality” is counter to the teachings of Christ. So it is indeed pagan, while it is promoted as something that is only cultural. Culture can be pagan and racist and that is what Kwanzaa promotes.

Also see the comments made by “Steven G.” on this page.

Some attempt to say that Karenga should not be thought of in regards to Kwanzaa and it should be moved beyond him as a person. It is his creation and dream. So no matter where it goes it is his desire that Blacks adopt his principles, regardless of whether they know of his deeds or not. Christmas is associated with it’s Christian founders, Christ and the efforts to counter pagan celebrations with something more holy. Hanukkah is associated with the Jews that had the first Hanukkah. All holidays are always associated with their founders and the actions of those founders that brought the given holiday into being. Attempts to disassociate the crimes of Karenga are simply attempts to obfuscate the fact that Kwanzaa has a sinful foundation.

While the media will probably promote Kwanzaa via news stories, don’t count on hearing much about Blacks like myself who want noting to do with this “holiday”.

update (12/27/2005 7:49AM ET):
The ?Merry Christmas!? Not ?Happy Kwanzaa!? site linked above has a link to a Jesse Lee Peterson article that should not be missed: Kwanzaa — Racist Holiday from Hell

update (12/27/2005 10:36AM ET):
La Shawn Barber has an update to her other post about Kwanzaa.

update (12/29/2005 12:26PM ET):
In a write-up that I can only describe as “beautiful”, Ann Coulter offers facts and details about Kwanzaa, that nobody else has mentioned. Of course she does it as only she can 😉 . It is a definite must read!

11 Responses to “Jesus does not celebrate Kwanzaa”

  1. Ron_B Says:

    I don’t agree with you on this one bro.

    Kwanzaa in and of itself is a WORTHY framework.

    If the Black community did follow these principles we would be in a different shape right now.

    There is no doubt that the founder has some “issues”. What if someone took “Thanksgiving” and made the case that the Pilgrams were ILLEGAL ALIENS and thus the entire holiday was misplaced?

    Keep in mind that some folks will use your opposition to a holiday that attempts to be positive and note that the “Black Conservative” is running with the enemy.

    Try to make good out of something that is net positive.

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    I knew I’d find something we could disagree on one day 🙂 .

    I’m no fan of Blacks thinking that success in America comes from exclusion. If that means I’m with the enemy, then I am the enemy. Because I see Blacks taking every opportunity that comes there way no matter what race provides it. Then running to claim that racial exclusion is the answer to all problems. Blacks can’t have it both ways. The case of the story behind Thanksgiving is far better known to all Americans than the life of the founder of Kwanzaa. And everyone can choose if they want to celebrate Thanksgiving. I’ve made the choice to remain in the land of those Pilgrims and later generations of Americans have made plenty of efforts to make amends in areas where past generations failed.

    Every other holiday in this nation is not exclusive based on race. Whites are better accepted into Cinco De Mayo celebrations then they are to be part of Kwanzaa. Because to include Whites in Kwanzaa would result in a Communist version of modern day America. Some might say that is where we are right now. Kwanzaa is not for Whites. This cannot be said about any other holiday on the basis of race.

    When it comes to other holidays some are matters of faith and others are not, but I’m not going to be happy segregation ended just so I can run back to it and claim it will save Black people.

    Discipline and a strong family unit is what is best for anyone regardless of their race.

    If all Blacks followed the principles of Karenga’s “holiday” then all Blacks would be Communists. And Communism continues to be a proven failure.

    Blacks who accept opportunities from people of all races, work smart and maintain a family unit have proven to do much better in life.

    Please show me where other frameworks like Walter Williams “How Not to be Poor”, see: have any foundation in racial exclusion? It does not. Plans like Mr. Williams are not racially exclusive and proven to work. He’s got more than enough data to prove it.

    Blacks don’t need to segregate themselves to succeed. Some Blacks are holding onto the vestiges of a segregated America, while others are moving forward without it. The same success I and other Blacks achieved was done without excluding ourselves from the rest of America. So there is no need to lie to our fellow Blacks and claim that some form of racial exclusion will save all Black people.

  3. brooklyn Says:

    I disagree that Kwanzaa is a “is a WORTHY framework”, it is in fact quite the opposite. It’s a boat riddled with holes which would eventually sink us all. It is from it’s foundation a seperatist event and I think that alone disqualifies it from being a worthy framework…IMHO

  4. Ron_B Says:

    D-Man, others:

    Here are the principles. Please define how they are “bad” for Black folks to follow:

    Umoja [OO-MO-JAH] (“U-N-I-T-Y” Queen Latifah) – To strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation, race. (Black Candle)

    Kujichagulia [KOO-GEE-CHA-GOO-LEE-YAH] (Self-Determination) – To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves instead of being defined, named, created for and spoken for by others. (Red Candle)

    Ujima [OO-GEE-MAH] (Creative Work & Responsibility) – To build and maintain our community together and make our sisters’ and brothers’ problems our problems and solve them together. (Green Candle)

    Ujamaa [OO-JAH-MAH] (Cooperative Economics) – To build and maintain our own stores and other businesses and to profit from them together. (Red Candle)

    Nia [NEE-YAH] (Purpose) – To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness. (Green Candle)

    Kuumba [KOO-OOM-BAH] (Creativity) – To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it. (Red Candle)

    Imani [EE-MAH-NEE] (Faith) – To believe with all our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders and the righteousness and victory of our struggle. (Green Candle)

  5. IndependentConservative Says:

    Sorry, I’m not into repeating. I’ve already said it. If you want to celebrate this Black Communist “holiday” that’s up to you.

    You know who is behind it and what they endorse.

    Pretty funny that Karenga probably has never said a kind word about a Jew, but he used a Jewish Menorah to hold those candles. Oh but I’m sure he’s made up some story about it being “African”.

    While you’re defending principles developed by racist, you want to take a stab at promoting the engineering feats of the Confederacy? I mean if we want to talk about taking some good out of evil, then don’t stop your quest at Karenga’s principles.

    Ron B, you’re sounding like a man that is promoting the engineering skills of Germany while Hitler was in power. Until the racist and socialist components are removed the nation and in this case the “holiday” along with it’s principles are evil.

  6. Independent Conservative Says:

    US Christian accomplishments and efforts in 2005

    While this is probably not a complete list, I thought it would be good to list many of the accomplishments made by Christians during 2005. Feel free to inform me of anything you feel should be listed. They are not listed in any particular order, wit…

  7. Independent Conservative Says:

    If the Muslims want to cry about occupation, I think she’s got a point!

    Shay over at Booker Rising has written an Op-ed that is best read in full. I think she makes an excellent point.

    Excerpt from: An Anti-Occupation Proposal

    Their occupation in Africa has occurred for far longer than the existence of th…

  8. Independent Conservative Says:

    Whites not allowed to cover a Kwanzaa celebration and Blacks told to stop doing business with Whites

    This one is a pretty tangled web, of one commentator attempting to berate some bigots while ignoring the bigotry he endorses himself.
    First, lets start with the easy part of this mess. Buffalo News reporter Rod Watson takes shots at some organizers …

  9. Independent Conservative Says:

    Random Thoughts on Martin Luther King Jr. and The MLK Holiday

    Random Thoughts on Martin Luther King Jr. and The MLK Holiday

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  10. Independent Conservative Says:

    Attempts to smear CORE and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour

    This past Martin Luther King Day The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) gave out honors as they do annually. But one particular invited guest has caused the Lefty spin machines to spew some vicious race-bait, towards an organization run by Black Cons…

  11. Independent Conservative Says:

    B.J. Ellis on the Racist Fraud Known as Kwanzaa.

    BJ Ellis has put together a fabulous blog post about Kwanzaa and those who endorse it.

    Kwanzaa: A Black Racist Celebration

    Despite the fact that ignorant blacks spend countless hours in church every week, they still feel obligated to…

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