December 15, 2005

Not helping the USA in Iraq has not ended Al Qaeda activity in France!

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French counterterrorism agents have arrested 3 people with connections to Al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Three Arrested in Possible Al-Zarqawi ‘French Connection’

The three were believed to be part of a terror ring with “indirect links” to al-Zarqawi, she said.

They found several pounds of explosives, AK-47 and Famas assault rifles, revolvers, ammunition, balaclavas and bulletproof vests, he said.

Investigators believe the weapons were used to carry out armed robberies in France to finance jihad, or holy war, and that some of the funds may have gone to al-Zarqawi’s group.

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking in parliament on Wednesday, described a web of links between the alleged network in France – which police say included both Islamic militants and common criminals – and other terror cells and groups, including al-Zarqawi’s.

So much for thinking that a nation is inoculated of Islamic Radicals if they don’t stand with USA military efforts. Apart from their other issues, France is still used by terrorist networks.

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  1. Independent Conservative Says:

    Bush speaks to the nation about Freedom for Iraq

    Tonight President Bush addressed the nation regarding the importance to continue the effort in Iraq.

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