November 18, 2005

US Senate Candidate Michael Steele’s Campaign Headquarters Broken Into!

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Just a coincidence? Interesting how criminal activity, just seems to affect him! There are plenty of people running for offices, but all this “just so happens” to be done to him! Come on now! If he was a Democrat this would all already be called a set of well coordinated attacks against a Black man seeking higher office!

Booker Rising has coverage, which is reported in this news story. The other offices that were broken into could have easily been cover for an effort to steal a “Steele campaign” laptop for information.

Even if they (Democrats) were not behind this incident, the Democrats have already come full circle! During reconstruction, when most Blacks were Republicans, the Democrats would carry out various attacks against Black Republicans running for office. If they burn his office next they’ll be right on track with their fellow Democrats from the late 1800’s!

This list of attacks against Mr. Steele just seems to keep growing:

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