November 17, 2005

Teachers can only endure pain in the butt kids and slack parents for so long!

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These are the issues in education that nobody wants to talk about!

The New Hampshire Union Leader performed a study of teacher experience at school districts in the paper’s publishing area. I am sure any similar study in other areas would show the same results.

Study finds fewer veteran teacher at schools in lower-income neighborhoods

In the city’s 14 public elementary schools, teacher seniority generally ran along the fault lines of income, statistics showed.

With some exceptions, schools in well-to-do neighborhoods had more long-serving teachers and fewer newer teachers. Schools in poorer neighborhoods typically had more beginning teachers and fewer veterans.

Now a fact like that would cause Poverty Pimps to jump up and scream that somehow the poor are being “discriminated” against 🙄 . But the fact is that schools in poor areas generally have way more kids with discipline problems and far less parents that are involved in their child’s education process! Nobody dares to say that more often than not, the poor face issues that are the result of their own actions! I know way too many teachers to know I’m not lying when I say that bad kids and slack parents are the reason teachers RUN from schools in poor areas! Rookie teachers try to work in poor areas early on because they want to “make a difference” in those areas. They go in feeling that they can “make that change”. They feel that maybe the teachers there just don’t do it as well as they could. Well after some time in, they quickly learn that the problem is not the teachers! The teachers should get a medal just for going to work every day! They all go through the battery of education and accreditation just to work in the school and then must show the mental strength to remain in a school with issues every working day! The issue is that way too many kids are out of line all the time and way too many parents are not involved!

The politicians can’t say that parents are the problem, because that’s not exactly a statement that gets votes!

I have witnessed it with my own eyes all too often and I invite you each to try this if you don’t believe what I’ve said so far. On PTA night (parent teacher association meeting night), just ride by a school that is known not to have good test scores. You will see a parking lot that is near empty! Most of the cars in the lot will belong to teachers hoping that some parents show up! Then do the same at a school that has good test scores. You will have a hard time making it down the street, because the parking lot will be full and cars will be parked anywhere parents can find a space! This is the difference that government can’t legislate and will continue to exist! And it’s not because the poor parents “work so much”. Plenty of teachers bend over backwards to meet with parents whenever the parent is available. But at the problem schools you have problem parents, that simply will not show up! Often they might not even return the teacher’s call! As Neal Boortz has noted, poor people take actions that keep them poor! And for those that don’t think someone like Neal ever tries to help, you should check yourself! Because Neal has paid for one girl to go to private school after Cobb County Public Schools tried to over-discipline her for braining a Tweety Bird key chain to school. He often keeps his charitable deeds private.

Now back to teachers:
A teacher is only going to endure so much of that mess! And then they will leave. A person can only endure so much stress, before they must move on for their own mental health! Sadly in poor areas there is a culture that is simply failure prone! Education and going to see the teacher are not valued as it is in areas where kids do better in school. It’s proven every PTA night!

Here is some spin from some folks that learned about the report:

Barry attributed Parker-Varney’s statistics to a high number of retirements in recent years.

Center city schools are more likely to have added new positions in recent years, and the timing of retirements may also explain some of the differences…

And here are the facts!

“It is stressful. It is challenging, and frankly I don’t blame them,” Heath said.

In the article some people attempt to sugar coat the problem and at times some folks eventually come clean! Working in some areas is just too stressful!

And as I’ve mentioned, those teachers working in areas with problem schools are not bad teachers and it can be argued that they are even better than their counterparts at better schools:

Assistant Superintendent Henry Aliberti said the quality of education is equal across the district, as center city schools are more likely to have special programs to promote success.

Some of the new teachers have master’s degrees or bachelor’s plus 30 credits of advanced study, Aliberti said, leaving them well-trained. Thanks to student teaching programs in center city schools, many of those hired have already had their mettle tested, he said.

Heath said Wilson’s young staff adds many positives.

They are high energy, have a good outlook and are dedicated to their work ? critical attributes to address issues that include an increasing number of English language learners and a mobile student population that may not attend the school the entire year, she said.

Teachers are blamed for problems in education, because politicians and problem parents can get away with blaming them!

Then there are the issues of poor areas often being in older areas that can’t accommodate growth as well.

“If you look at most of your inner-city schools, that’s where the populations are,” Tomasko said. “The schools are huge, they’re overcrowded.”

But that is not the real issue. In many poor countries large classes of kids do well. Because the kids have discipline and the parents better value the education!

Also in the article, someone makes the “claim” that more money must be going to schools with the more experienced teachers, since they must be getting paid more. Well I can say I know that here in the Atlanta area, the Atlanta City school teachers get paid a bonus just for working in that area. And more money is spent per student in the urban areas here than in the suburbs. Because money is given to schools on a per student basis. Not a level of teacher experience basis! But just the same, no matter how much money is thrown at the city, the kids in better off suburbs do better!

And you can ask any teacher that has worked in both rich and poor areas. They will be more than honest in saying that discipline and parental involvement are the major issues at problem schools! Is it the government’s job to force parents to keep their children disciplined and make parents get involved in education? I think not! So I feel it should simply be easier for schools to get rid of kids that the cannot be controlled. Currently if a kid is kicked out, the area is still often obligated to provide some kind of education for the child. This extra cost continually spent on knuckle heads comes at the expense of spending money on kids that are actually trying to do well in school. Schools in problem areas need an easier way to get rid of the problem children, so they can focus on the kids that pay attention and want to learn! Too much has been given to the failures, while better kids are left with less. So schools need to be able to remove the failures easily and with less expense. Then the teachers with experience will have no problem staying at a school in a poor area.

Because this is not actually a matter of rich and poor. It is a matter of culture and discipline!

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  1. brooklyn Says:

    A child can survive a bad teacher but a child has little chance of success if he/she has bad parents.


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