November 3, 2005

Los Angeles school students pulled from classes to rally against Bush…what the heck?!!!

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Blogs For Bush is running a press release from World Ahead Publishing, that mentions the following:

Ten high schools in the Los Angeles area bused over 800 students to participate in a large anti-George Bush rally organized by a group called “The World Can’t Wait–Drive Out the Bush Regime.” Teachers, administrators, and campus security all defended the decision, saying it gave them a chance to supervise students who would be protesting anyway, but children’s author Katharine DeBrecht decried the decision as an example of educators advancing a liberal political agenda.

Want to know more about the nuts behind this? Here is their “About” page.

Will tax payers in Los Angeles accept this use of their tax dollars? If so, maybe the man they dislike should cut off Federal funding to their area. Then they will really have something to protest about 😀 ! And they can do for themselves without having to deal with money associated with the man they dislike 😀 .

Honestly this is just terribly sad, that adults would prompt children to take part in something like this! When they could have been learning something. Especially given the conditions in their area. They need all the education they can get!

update (11/7/2005 6:05PM ET): Turns out the story of this event is a false rumor! A Bush-Hate Blog caught some of us Conservatives with our pants down on that one. Point taken Libs. I’m not beneath admitting a mistake! Unlike you libs favorite News Paper The NY Times!

Whatever, Bush is in and not going anywhere! John Roberts is in FOR LIFE, Samuel Alito will soon be in FOR LIFE too.

And since the Libs want to take a shot at school busing in relation to desegregating schools and I’m a Black man who once was on a bus. Let me say to the Libs, I never wanted to be on that bus and neither did my Black friends either!

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