October 22, 2005

About Kamau Kambon’s comments

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kambon the nut!Mass media is waking some Americans up to a psychotic mentality that has been brewing in parts of America for some time…

Being a Black Man who attended a Historically Black College (HBCU), hearing Kamau Kambon’s comments was not that much of a shock. Because I’ve been hearing psychotic Blacks speak of “revolution” in the violent and bloody sense for most of my life. Most Blacks are not psychotic at all and do not endorse statements like:

Kambon excerpts in mp3

We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet

But an issue I’ve attempted many times to point out here is that the savages within Black communities hold the areas in a degree of fear! This is why Kambon could make his comments at a prestigious place like Howard University Law School without a single challenge! What’s worse is that some even clapped in agreement! This is par for the course with a small group of professors that usually work in African study related departments at Universities all across America. I’m not saying all or even most African study professors are like them, but it’s just where the psychotics often reside. Since most other school departments don’t fit them too well. These psychotics are usually disliked by the University leaders, but you know how hard it is to fire a professor, given all the special protections they have. Most students feel these professors are out of their minds, as I did when I encountered one myself. But being a student in the class of one of these nuts you just play along to get the grade and get out. Sadly there are some who agree with these nuts and really do endorse their views! These nuts can cheer and clap for each other and nobody will speak in disagreement. Not a single “boo” will flow!

Nobody will speak up to disagree because of fear that they might be called a “sellout”. Also, any student with a professor there who might be a nut fears getting a bad grade. Any professor there that disagrees fears making a scene and public discord with co-workers. (At less publicized forums only fellow nuts attend and students must attend because they were encouraged to attend by a nutty professor! When your nutty professor says go and he’ll be looking to see who is there and you know that nut can affect your GPA you go because you don’t want a lower grade because of a nut! That’s been my experience with nuts like this!) So the nuts are allowed to publicly continue their tirades unabated!

If the majority who really do feel these psychotics are wrong would stop being a silent majority people like Kamau Kambon would become a silent minority.

Michelle Malkin has additional coverage. I recommend you let the school know how you feel using the contact information that she provides. There are some kids that must endure these nuts that could use your help!

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update (10/27/2005 11:48AM ET): The Political Teen has video.

I want to point out some things that took place that you will witness on the video which prove my point.

The announcer and organizer of the conference Opio Sokoni said to Kambon:

We need you

Kambon speaks of how he and his wife withdrew from society. He mentions that he feels we are in a race war. And his view of Black Colleges is:

I’m down against Black Colleges.

As I mentioned, even at Black Colleges people like him are viewed as nuts!

Some other things he said:

White people want to kill us.

Nobody spoke out right then and there to denounced the comment. OH BUT SOMEONE DID SPEAK OUT IN AGREEMENT AT THAT VERY MOMENT!

Only Nigger on the Planet is the White Man and the White Woman

Again, nobody spoke out right then and there to denounce the comment!

exterminate White people off of the face of the planet to solve this problem

Nobody spoke out vocally just after this statement to denounce the comment and some clapped in agreement!

Once he finished the speech MORE PEOPLE CLAPPED! The announcer Opio Sokoni said:

be hard to follow that one…

It is more than obvious that Opio Sokoni did not take issue at all with the comments at that moment! But later on Bill O’Reilly he acts like the comments were “unproductive”. Maybe they were because they brought negative attention to a conference he organized!

After Kambon’s insanity, Lawrence Guyot did get up to denounce the comments. FINALLY somebody said something! I am glad Guyot spoke up, but I must say I find Mr. Guyot to be a bit of a nut too! Given he’s been part of the chorus crying that the new NBA Dress Code is “racist” 🙄 .

So somebody at the conference did dare to speak out against the comments. But as you can tell from the video, nobody wanted to openly denounce the words as they flowed. Only claps were heard then! If Mr. Guyot had said nothing, I think like other similar events I’ve witnessed where people cry how evil Whites are, nobody would have said anything.

Bottom line, the voices against Kambon WERE NOT ENOUGH IN NUMBER OR STRENGHT! When we hear such madness we all must do a better job of denouncing it ON THE SPOT! So what if it means speaking vocally in opposition might be viewed as acting out of order or disruptive. The people who clap for this mess are viewed as being respectful to the speaker! The comments themselves are outside of sane logic! Denounce the madness ON THE SPOT as you head for the door!

You know the nuts used to speak more of their madness around me when I did not speak so vocally against them. They assume Blacks are going to allow it to be said. Now that I denounce the madness everywhere I go they don’t say as much around me. Let these fools know you won’t have it either!

update (2/7/2006 12:10PM ET): For those who took the time to read this entire post, I must say it is interesting seeing who links to this post. It seems several White radicals, bigots and racists link to this post to somehow try and justify their own racial nuttery. What can I say, it only proves nuts come in all colors.
They link to my blog, but avoid posts on my blog like this and this, that expose them.

6 Responses to “About Kamau Kambon’s comments”

  1. Independent Conservative Says:

    Howard University denounces Kamau Kambon’s insane comments!

    The school totally repudiates the statements as they mention in their statement.

  2. Independent Conservative Says:

    Opio Sokoni tries to soften criticism of Kamau Kambon

    Opio Sokoni was on Bill O’Reilly’s FoxNews show last night trying to play down criticism of Kamau Kambon. He even suggested that if the suggestion was made to kill Whites like Bill O’Reilly instead of all Whites, that would have bee…

  3. Independent Conservative Says:

    Lawrence Guyot’s response to Kamau Kambon’s comments. Not as strong a rebuke as a first thought!

    In an update to my prior post about Kamau Kambon I mentioned that Lawrence Guyot spoke up to denounce the comments. But I had not heard the actual words said. Now that I have I must adjust my statements about Mr. Guyot a bit.

  4. La Shawn Barber's Corner Says:

    Right Said Fred

    I like “unpopular” conservatives like Pat Buchanan, Michael Savage, and Tom Tancredo. Lukewarm anything is a turn-off, man. That’s why I’m not fond of RINOs of any kind, or so-called moderates. What the heck is a moderate, anyw…

  5. Independent Conservative Says:

    Lawrence Guyot, You’ve Gone From Greatness to Insanity!

    Hearing Lawrence Guyot on Sean Hannity’s show today trying to boast of his past work in Civil Rights was pretty lame. He was on the show having a debate with Niger Innis. No matter what Lawrence Guyot has done in the past, he’s a nut tod…

  6. Independent Conservative Says:

    I Told You Lawrence Guyot is Insane! You Should Already Know Julian Bond is Too.

    I’m not going to spend much time on this one, because I’ve spent so much time on this nut in the past in this post and then in this other one. At this point it’s only a matter of the rest of America figuring out what I’ve been…

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