October 16, 2005

Justice Clarence Thomas a issues temporary stay that may just save a life!

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Thomas issues temporary stay in Missouri inmate abortion case. Well done brother Thomas!

A federal judge had said the state would be violating the inmate’s rights unless it drove her to get the abortion. He ordered the state to do so, even though the state had argued it would violate a state law banning the spending of tax dollars to facilitate an abortion.

The state then appealed to the Supreme Court — and now, Justice Clarence Thomas has granted a temporary stay, pending a further decision by himself or by the full court.

The inmate gave up her “rights” when she decided to commit a crime! And killing a baby is just wrong! Not a “right”.

update (10/16/2005 10:48PM ET): Blogger Booker Rising offers coverage.

update (10/17/2005 12:53PM ET):

U.S. Supreme Court Won’t Block Abortion for Missouri Inmate

The U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way for a Missouri inmate to undergo an abortion, saying it won’t block a judge’s order telling state officials to take her to a St. Louis clinic.

The high court’s order today was the first abortion-related dispute to come before new Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. The two-paragraph order came without published dissent. It didn’t specifically say how Roberts or any other justice voted.

Justice Clarence Thomas temporarily blocked the abortion three days ago. He referred the matter to the full nine-member court, which today set aside the stay Thomas had entered.

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