October 9, 2005

Wait a second, Pat Buchanan is upset Bush picked Harriet Miers. The pot calls the kettle black!

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Pat and FosterBush and Miers

After more review I must say Pat Buchanan has little room to talk! His criticism of President Bush picking Harriet Miers for the US Supreme Court is a bit hypocritical considering Mr. Buchanan’s own history of nominations. I posted Pat’s write-up in this other post. And Pat has been out speaking against the President’s pick on shows like The Savage Nation, Michael Savage’s radio talk show. Now what about Pat’s history of nominations?… It’s almost comical to mention and I’m sure Pat’s praying nobody would bring it up!

What do James P. Hoffa Jr., James A. Traficant and Ezola B. Foster have in common? They were Pat’s picks for his VP running mate on the Reform Party ticket in 2000 in that order! Hoffa being a Union boss makes him kind of the anti-conservative pick for anything! But that was Pat’s #1 pick! 2nd on Pat’s list was none other than currently imprisoned former Democratic Ohio Congressman James A. Traficant! Both Hoffa and Traficant declined Pat’s offers to run with him. So Pat’s 3rd pick who accepted was Ezola B. Foster. Given Pat’s criticism of Bush you would think Foster must have some glowing credentials… She is a retired Los Angeles public school typing teacher and administrator. Teaching is hard work and it is laudable that she would endure teaching in Los Angeles public schools. But I don’t find this to be qualification enough to be VP any more than Laura Bush being her husband’s VP! She also has some political activist efforts in her past which in part may have caught Pat’s eye, but something else is more telling!

Buchanan said his choice of Foster — an African-American woman — as a runningmate should end the “myths and nonsense” alleging bigotry, sexism and racism on his part.

A registered Independent, Foster was National Co-Chair of the Buchanan campaign prior to being selected for the ticket.

Wait a second! Pat picked a crony with little in the way of qualifications! And he picked a Black Woman because she is….a Black Woman! Yet he goes after Bush for doing the same! (Although Miers is not Black.) You could not write a better script for a movie than this! And Pat is anti-affirmative action but clearly made his pick in part based on race, and even went as far as to leverage her race during the campaign. To make matter’s worse, Pat’s VP pick took worker’s compensation for a mental disorder she claims that she does not have!

Worker?s Comp claim not based on real mental disorder

Although Foster claimed a mental disorder to receive workers? compensation benefits in 1996 in the Los Angeles school district, she strongly asserted that she has no mental problems and never did. ?I am perfectly sane. [the diagnosis was worked out] between my doctor and my attorney. It?s whatever the doctor said that, after working with my attorney, was best to help me.?
Source: Los Angeles Times Aug 24, 2000

Pat, time to sit down and shut your mouth on this one! It’s nice that you wanted to prove you’re not a racist, but you know better than to make picks based on race and gender! At least you do when it’s not you making the picks!

Sadly during that campaign there were some that made totally racist attacks against her.

Declaring that Buchanan was “now part of the problem, and not part of the solution,” Mark Cotterill disdainfully referred to Foster as “a Negress.” Entryism, the British Cotterill now concluded, was not a strategy that could work in the American context.

Bold text added for emphasis. And even sadder, I have no knowledge of any that claim to stand for Civil Rights and fighting racism that stood up against such attacks!

So Pat, next time you want to go after the President for his picks you might want to choose your words carefully!

update (10/9/2005 11:12PM ET): Over at Captain’s Quarters they have identified Pat as a leader in what they call “The Rebel Alliance” of individuals against the Miers nomination. I can only wonder what these Rebel Alliance members would say if asked about the hypocrisy of one of their appointed leaders.

And for the record, I think Pat is an OK guy, but seeing him rush to speak about this matter given his own actions is an issue that should be addressed.

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